Building the Solana Metaverse

We reported on a project named PORTALS a while back. The project sought to bring you a metaverse room where you can create a space for people to come and participate in activities or just hang out. The rooms ranged from small to very large depending on how lucky you were at mint ( or how deep your pockets are now as the floor of portals is now 27 SOL at the time of this writing). The rooms can be designed to fit your brand and you can share games, NFT and just converse within the private area.



As of today many companies are on the move into the web3 space and PORTALS has become one of the more stable areas that companies are using to create their “virtual” offices. Binance has created it’s own virtual office inside of PORTALS and plans to deliver the latest of their news, charts, and events there virtually. The hopes are to create a space where clientele feels more connected and able to communicate within the growing web3 framework.


Binance will not be alone as many other companies are jumping on the PORTALS train towards the metaverse. Companies such as Magic Eden have created their own space as well as Raydium, Audius, and Bonfida, with companies like FTX also planning to join as well.



This comes as platforms on the Ethereum chain such as Decentraland and The Sandbox have already seen adoption and major implemetation by companies and their products or platforms. At this time Solana has a few projects going that mirror this type of system but PORTALS is the most developed at the time of this writing. Another project to look out for is The Neighborhood which has recently turned it’s homes into personal galleries that can be shared and have events in.

The possibilities working in the metaverse are countless at this point in time. Samsung created a massive 837X pop up in Decentraland meant to be a virtual version of it’s New York location. The pop up invited guests to participate in events and quests to gain access to special NFT collectibles. Many companies can use the metaverse to gain traction, create awareness, and grow their brands. This is the new frontier of advertising or business practice.



The future of decentralization is indeed being build right before our eyes and platforms such as PORTALS and The Neighborhood show the opportunity for growth and prosperity on the Solana blockchain. As the metaverse grows blockchains that provide ease of development and speed will be more than appreciated, Solana and it’s proof of history mechanism, sheer speed, and green energy capabilities are more than on brand for the metaverse and projects such as these.

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