Earn Bitcoin By Surfing The Web

Easy Money?

A new browser extension for Chrome , Brave and other web explorers has come to light. The extension created by Slice has implemented t tech created by Zebedee to pay users in BTC for viewing ads.

The concept of giving users crypto for using a browser was made popular by Brave. The concept has brought in a surge of users for the web explorer in the past few years. Now with the aid of a new extension you can earn the same rewards on many other browsers such as Chrome and those rewards include Bitcoin as well.

The startup Slice made the announcement that the integration of Bitcoin payments has been completed for its browser extension. This will allow users to earn crypto by viewing ads while surfing the web. The free extension works with Chrome, Edge, Firefox and even Brave.

The extension is created using technology based off of Zebedee which is a Bitcoin payments startup. Zebedee has also been backed up by Square Enix after raising $35 million in a Series B funding round the gaming company famous for the Final Fantasy Franchise. Zebedee has a motto of “Powering Real Economies In Virtual Worlds.” Zebedee uses the Lightning Network of Bitcoin which is used for scalability and micropayments. 

As users surf they will see new ads that pop up in addition to the other ads that usually show up. Those ads will give the users points or “slices” which can then be traded for Bitcoin provided they sign up for a Zebedee account.

Slice COO and co-founder Darina Oumanski made the following statement in a press release :

“Today, people surfing the web are right to have high standards for receiving value in exchange for their attention, and to claim that value in the form of real money, delivered to them instantly,”


Users of Brave will be able to earn BAT or Basic Attention Tokens as well as Bitcoin. Earlier this year, the Brave browser also added Solana to the roster of tokens available to be earned so those browsing on Brave have even more options and possibilities.

Zebedee has focused mostly on gaming and has launched modified CS:Go servers that allowed gamers to wager and win small amounts of Bitcoin in the smaller form of what is known as “sat” short for “satoshis” one Bitcoin is made up of 100 million satoshis so that means in order to get a bitcoin from playing CS:Go its would take a lot of wagers but fun nonetheless.

The extension for the browsers is out now and those that want to partake in the earning of Bitcoin for their web surfing can sign up immediately for the service.

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