Algorand Throws In For Helium Migration

The Solana competition speaks on why it would be a better fit 

The Helium network has been eyeing a transfer from its own blockchain to the Solana blockchain. The move has been considered due to Solana’s speed and ease of use. This move has seen some proponents and a lot of opponents as well.

This past Monday Algorand executives were not shy in expressing their interest in bringing the decentralized internet network to their blockchain instead of Solana. The founder of Algorand Silvio Micali and Chief Technical Officer John Alan Wood made sure to state clearly how they felt about Solana as some of there tweets had messages like Helium “needs a secure, robust and scalable chain”

Both made digs at Solana and its supposed lack of decentralization a statement that has been made as it has been alleged more than 48% of the SOL supply is held by insiders.

Borderless Capital ,which is an Algorand-focused venture firm and an investor in Helium, also stated that there were multiple inquiries from various founders and stakeholders about Helium and how to get the company to join them. Borderless also retweeted Micali’s tweet further showing support for a more decentralized platform for the transfer. 

These tweets come a few weeks after the announcement by Helium which has sparked a bit of a debate in the community that the company worked so hard to build. 


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