Does Samsung Need A Place In The Metaverse?

The global electronics company states it already has one.

Samsung has stated they already have a place in the metaverse ready for users to enjoy and explore at their own leisure. The global electronics company has partnered with Fortnite to produce a world built for exploration and education. The Fortnite experience challenges users to find two hidden phones located somewhere in the digitally created city.

The phones in question are the Galaxy ZFold4 and the ZFlip4 two of the company’s biggest sellers and the most successful of phones with bendable screens. Playing the Fortnite offering on any of these two mobile phones will also net you extra benefits such as special powers, shining brighter, the ability to see clearer at night and shift view which enables you to see your pursuers. 

One of the major components of this game is to keep the phone in your hand the longest. Arther Wong, the marketing Director for Latin America explained it is a game built on building relationships and exploring, stating that he knows there is no wall separating the real world from that of the digital world any longer.

Samsung is a company that focuses on innovations and new ways to continue in daily life. Mr. Wong stated how the company will continue to present content and innovations offering new experiences and immersing customers into new worlds.

Currently the island is called “Smart City” and is only available for Latin American clients with plans for expansion actively being explored by the company.

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