, Coca-Cola & GMUNK to Release World-Cup Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 primary sponsors, and Coca-Cola, have teamed up to create 10,000 unique NFTs based on “heatmaps” from the ongoing tournament. The NFT artworks will visually represent the participating team’s goals, attacks, and tackles. Tagged the ‘Piece of Magic’ NFT, football and crypto fans will have the opportunity to own a piece of history of the greatest tournament in sports history, and what’s more exciting, it’s on the blockchain!

Crypto exchange will be responsible for developing and launching these NFTs, and users will be required to sign up for a NFT platform account. Digital artist GMUNK will be responsible for the creative process and designing of these NFTs. GMUNK has a 20-year of experience in the digital space and was the creative genius behind Hollywood films Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. 

This latest move by FIFA’s primary sponsors provides an opportunity to memorialize these historical matches using blockchain technology. It will further create an intersection between sports and Web3 as there is an opportunity to onboard football fans into the Web3 space and further drive mainstream adoption. 

How the 2022 FIFA World Cup Has Been Significant for Web3

The 2022 FIFA World Cup had shown that it would be a tournament like no other, which was evident when it became the first sporting tournament to leverage Web3 technology. By partnering with and Algorand as major sponsors, FIFA has shown its commitment to integrating Web3 into sports, and this union has borne fruitful rewards so far.

Other Web3-related companies have also used this World Cup to run marketing campaigns to drive mainstream adoption and bring more users on board. For example, the largest crypto exchange Binance partnered with Superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo to launch an NFT collection and further run ads targeted at football fans. Another crypto exchange Bitget also launched a ‘Make it Count’ campaign featuring the best footballer in the world, Lionel Messi, to celebrate the World Cup. 

These collaborations will further strengthen the relationship between sports and the crypto market. It will also give more exposure to the Web3 space, and we could see projects like, the foremost creators of fan tokens, massively benefit from this relationship.

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