Biggie NFT sells out in minutes

Notorious B.I.G was a well-known , well-respected , and highly loved rapper whose star was dimmed far too soon in the eyes of many. Recently a sale of a Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls NFT was conducted and the project succeeded in selling out in as little as 10 minutes.

The estate of Biggie Smalls, legal name Christopher Wallace, which still manages his music, fashion, film, and unreleased archives dropped a collection of NFTs in the amount of 3,000. The NFTs were quick to sell out as the owners of the NFTs now the the licensing rights to the audio of a B.I.G freestyle that has since been unreleased.

The “Sky’s The Limit” collection was dedicated to the life and memory of the prolific rapper and gave collectors a chance to own a memorial piece to honor the fallen singer. The collection was dropped on Oneof which is an NFT marketplace that specializes in one-of-a-kind collections. 

The rapper has been dubbed the “greatest rapper of all time” by many including The Source and Billboard and has seen great success with his record sales as his 1994 album “Ready To Die” saw quadruple-platinum certification from the RIAA.

The collection of 3,000 featured 3D rendered art that resembled the artist  in his various styles that have contributed to his brand and made him famous.  Owning the NFT gives the holder the rights to collectively license the audio of Biggie Smalls’ most famous freestyle which was filmed in Brooklyn when he was 17. Before this project the freestyle was never released or made available to be sampled by other musicians.

Biggie NFT

The mint sold out but of course there is the secondary market and currently the market for these NFT is quite strong. Users can go to the website of OneOf and bid on specific NFTs that are part of the collection.  Biggie is not the first posthumous icon to have become memorialized in NFT form, he joins the likes of Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, and Jerry Garcia. A 2pac NFT was announced by Markersplace as well.

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