Aptos NFTs On The Horizon

This will be a great test for the scalability of the network.

The Aptos mainnet is already up and running even after a rather choppy start. There have been questions about its tokenization and recently more questions have arisen about whether or not the network can live up to the hype it touted during its hype phase.

The real test of this ability is soon to come as there are many NFT projects preparing to use the network for their launch. NFT launches have been able to cause stress on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains so it will be interesting to see how Aptos (which is touted as even faster and more efficient than Solana,)is able to deal with this type of situation.

The team of Aptos has stated that the blockchain is capable of handling more transactions than any current layer-1 blockchain, the team states Aptos boasts the ability to handle over 160k transactions per second, which is almost 2.5X higher than Solana’s current ability. The boast is there but due to what was seen on the launch it seems that may be all it is- a boast. The network during launch only processed a few transactions per second and is currently only at 10 TPS, this is lower than Ethereum’s 30 TPS for autonomous code and Solana’s 3,000 TPS. 

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The co-founder of Aptos Mo Shaikh tweeted that the current TPS was not representative of what can really happen on Aptos and stated that the network was simply idling until projects came online. The sentiment is the blockchain will perform when there is more to do.

More to do will certainly be coming soon as users prepare to mint NFTs with a dedicated Aptos marketplace, currently, there are already a few. Topaz is a major player in the NFT space for Aptos with various projects such as puppybears already on the website.


The platform tweeted that there had already been over 12,000 APT traded on the platform ,translating to over $87K in sales.



Aptos’ NFT scene is currently very small compared to giants in the space like Ethereum and Solana. Markets have the opportunity to grow quickly due to community interest and the ability of creators to grow and build their brands. As more projects see success on a blockchain more projects come to light and the marketplaces grow, that is exactly what happened with the Solana marketplace Magic Eden.

There is increased interest in the Aptos chain and the co-founder of the Topaz marketplace was quick to state how interest in Aptos NFTs is exploding. The technology is currently being tested by the projects that are offered and have been clocked by FTX which has stated that testnet performance for Aptos has been at 4,200 TPS, which is directly in line with Solana. AptosLabs, the firm behind Aptos also has their own NFT project coming entitled Bruh Bears which is a project of pixelated bears and Aptos Monkeys 

At the time of this writing, Topaz has received more than 1,000 applications from potential future project creators. These creators all believe in the Move programming language used for the network and the future of NFT-gaming possible with the language as well.

Aptos is new and hungry, the platform will soon be put to the test once many new projects come online and each project has to make use of the blockchain. Will the Aptos blockchain be able to handle the strain and live up to its hype, will Aptos surpass the two current leaders, soon we will all be able to find out.

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