An Introduction to VoxVerse The NFT Game Created By Sims Legend Will Wright

Can the magic be redone?


Will Wright

Sims and Simcity legendary creator Will Wright has not made a new game since his 2008 game Spore but he is back now with VOXVerse a social game where your voxel-based character mines, builds, and stays social with other users, the game will also feature digital real estate to be purchased and traded as well.

The game may be coming at a bit of an awkward time however as the market currently isn’t well suited for the introduction of new games and NFTs. The NFT market currently is seeing a bit of a downtrend with multiple projects- even major brands, witnessing a drastic fall in floor price and  value. The crypto community is facing regulation woes and debates and metaverse projects aren’t fairing very well at the moment during this tense bear market.


The project

Vox Voxverse characters

The project has all the initial parts of a metaverse project. There are NFTs, a game studio designing it, blockchain utilization, and digital land. The game itself is being developed by Gallium Studios which is a blockchain-focused game studio founded by Wright and Carmen Sandiego co-creator Lauren Elliot. 

It should be noted that the characters used in the game are not new characters at all, instead, these are characters sold on another site with affiliation to the Gallium Studios company, Gala Games which is a crypto firm that has spent $25 million funding the VOXVerse.



Not in the NFT business

Wright states he is not in the business of selling NFTs, instead his main interest is in blockchain gaming as a whole. He states he wants creators to have secure transactions. There are many talking points made about how the blockchain can aid creators but most of those points lead to NFTs so, in essence, he may still be in the NFT business after all as was pointed out by one of his colleagues.

If interested in how the VOXVerse is going to be or if you just want a little insight into the project you can take a look at the following video featuring Wright himself.


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