American Express backs OneOf NFT platform

OneOf is cementing itself as the platform for music and sports NFTs. The company just recently had a successful Biggie Smalls NFT drop and more drops are on the way all in the music and sports themed sector.

 The focus of OneOf is sustainability-focused NFTs and a current funding round has seen OneOF raise $8.4 million. In funding from companies such as Amex Ventures -the VC capital arm of American Express. The company mostly known for its credit card services will host an exclusive pop-up event and will offer OneOf NFTs at the event.  At the event in Turkey holders of AMEX will receive a free NFT from OneOf.

Other investments were made by Mirabaud Lifestyle Impact and Innovation Fund, Snow Hill Partners, Sangha Capital,Chain Link Crypto Fund, and a few others. The OneOf platform was built in 2021 on Tezos and Polygon for energy efficiency and low transactions fees. The company has had very successful launches of projects that focused on sports and music icons such as Biggie Smalls, Wayne Gretzky, The Grammy Awards, and more.

The free NFT will be available during a color-theory and therapy-focused event hosted by American Express in Turkey. The event is called the “American Express Summer in Color Oasis” and will be held at the Mandarin Hotel in Bodrum Turkey. The NFT given to holders will be designed by Turkish artist Selay Karasu. The event is now underway and will continue until August 21

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