November 12, 2022

What is Interoperability and How Will It Change the Way We Use the Internet?

Learn about what many say will make the metaverse actually work   •On Nov. 11, NFT Steez hosted Thomas Webb, the founder of the interoperable avatar game Worldwide Webb, to...
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Crypto Exchanges Show Proof of Reserves in Response to FTX Bankruptcy Fiasco

In response to the FTX bankruptcy fiasco, major crypto exchanges including Bitfinex have committed to sharing their proof of reserve in order to regain investor confidence. • On November 11,...
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FTX Hacked for Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in “Unauthorized” Withdrawals.

Several wallets belonging to FTX were drained.   TL:DR •Another hack occured on Friday night, wallets belonging to FTX were drained of hundreds of millions of dollars in coins. •...
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