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Miami heats up with Solana Miami

A big Solana event is going on this week in Miami, Florida that is bringing the fever of Solana back the same way the Breakpoint event in Lisbon did. Solana Miami is set to take over the hot city for the dates of Apr.5–10 and the Solana loyal are already on flights to the party!


The Where


The event is set to take over a full block of Wynwood which is one of the best areas of Miami it is well known for its many colorful murals, showcasing large-scale works by some of the world’s best-known street artists, converted warehouses housing craft breweries ,funky art galleries, and late-night bars.


The event is part of the Solana Hacker House World Tour. This event welcomes builderse,artists,merchants, and users that all work on the Solana blockchain and continue to increase the value and utility of the network.


The What


This event is set to promise a community of ready-to-work builders that are all enthusiastic about Solana and the possibilities of the blockchain. There will also be a street fair that provides delicious treats to eat , wonderful merchants and much more to enjoy, all of this is offered with the added ability to pay with Solana Pay.

If you are into NFTs (and really who isn’t by now) then there will be a Solana NFT artist gallery that will highlight the amazing art that you can find on the Solana blockchain. You can check out all the artwork of some of the most successful NFT as well as some of the newest 1/1 content that is being created on the blockchain as well.

Want to just relax and unwind after all the excitement of the shows? Solana Miami will have an exclusive lounge for learning and unwinding after a hard day of building or shoppings.Just sit back, relax and dream about how much bigger your dreams can become on Solana.

If all this doesn’t get you excited then the extra 21+ events in the evening definitely should. Party out with the elite of Solana and have a great time in some of the best night clubs and bars Miami has to offer.

You can find out more about the event on the official Solana website.


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