Web3 Gaming Should Be More Entertaining: Oath Of Peak

Web3 gaming seems to have gotten the message

Blockchain gaming should be fun

Blockchain gaming has long been considered a potential breakthrough for the industry, but has yet to see its big moment. However, developers are starting to realize that the key to unlocking this potential is to focus on the gaming experience itself, rather than the technology.

An annual survey by the Blockchain Game Alliance found that there has been a significant shift in developer mindset towards gameplay improvements. Projects that saw play-to-earn as the most significant driver of blockchain gaming fell by two-thirds between 2021 and 2022, while the sector clearly sees gameplay elements as the most crucial factor advancing blockchain gaming in 2023.

The survey revealed that 68.9% of developers see asset ownership for players as the most important aspect of blockchain gaming, while 35.2% and 34.3% prioritize player reward models and new revenue models, respectively. This shift in focus towards gameplay elements is a positive sign for the industry, as it means developers are putting the “game” back into GameFi.

GameFi has become a popular gateway to crypto for most newcomers, but a significant percentage (81%) of GameFi investors prioritize the fun factor over profit-making. Developers are taking note of this and are launching games that appeal to both the GameFi community and traditional gamers.

One such example is Bybit’s games platform, Yeeha Games, which recently launched Oath of Peak, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is free to play on iOS and Android devices. The developers claim to have spent over $20 million to build the massive world and fine-tune the gameplay elements to make the game appealing to both the GameFi community and traditional gamers.

Oath of Peak is truly free to play, as users do not need any NFTs or understanding of crypto and blockchain to become immersed in the gameplay. The game presents a clean, easy-to-understand opening screen that many MMORPG fans would recognize by nature. Players assume the role of a Spirit Bender after picking one of five character classes.

The game is set on a colorful island from Asian mythology, filled with charming monsters and likable characters who have refined English voiceover — with more localized versions expected down the road. Going with the tried-and-true MMORPG formula, players start to take quests and roam across the Omnispirit Realm after a brief prologue.

Aside from the main battles and navigating, Oath of Peak has clearly taken inspiration from many well-known games. From catching and leveling up creatures like Pokemon to the detailed oriental art style resembling Genshin Impact, the game is filled with a wealth of proven and enjoyable experiences.

One unique feature of Oath of Peak is the “Insight” mode, which is a detective-style mode that allows players to investigate crime scenes and gather clues to solve mysteries. This adds a new layer to the gameplay and sets the game apart from other blockchain games on the market.

Overall, the shift in focus towards gameplay elements in blockchain gaming is a positive sign for the industry. Developers are putting the “game” back into GameFi and launching games that appeal to both the GameFi community and traditional gamers. This, coupled with unique features like “Insight” mode, sets blockchain games apart from other blockchain games on the market and brings them closer to mainstream adoption.

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