Warner Music Group Launches Web3 Music Platform While Winamp Joins 

New potential ways to earn in web3 for musicians

•Warner Music Group is launching a web 3.0 music platform in collaboration with e-commerce platform builder LGND.io and Polygon.

• The new platform, LGND Music, will launch in 2023 as a music and collectibles platform that supports digital collectibles from ‘any blockchain in a proprietary player’.

• WMG artists will be able to create digital collectibles on the app and desktop platforms, which users can then collect and play on the go.

• The partnership between WMG, Polygon, and LNGD.io sets the foundation for much more innovation in the music industry — including NFT support from classic media player Winamp.

  • Winamp users will be able to earn royalties with the artist

Warner Music Group Joins Forces with LGND.io and Polygon for Revolutionary New Platform

Warner Music Group, as one of the world’s leading music companies, is taking bold steps to bring their music platform into the future. As part of their commitment to innovation and modernity, they are embarking on a new venture with LGND.io and Polygon. They have developed a web 3.0 music platform that will revolutionize the way people interact with music. This new platform uses cutting-edge technology and advances in blockchain architecture to give users an enhanced music experience, allowing them to access more content and better manage their music libraries than ever before. Warner Music Group’s venture into web 3.0 technology is sure to be a major milestone in the entertainment industry, bringing musicians together with artists, producers, and listeners in an unprecedented way.

What Does LGND Music Do?

LGND Music will provide users with an immersive experience for music streaming as well as digital collectibles from “any blockchain”. It will work on both desktop and mobile platforms, giving users access from anywhere they may be. Not only this, but Warner Music Group’s artists will even be able to create their own digital collectibles for users to purchase and play on the go!

The Future of Digital Collectibles

This partnership between Warner, LGND.io, and Polygon marks a major shift in the way we consume and interact with music — it sets the foundation for more innovations within the music industry moving forward, such as NFT support from classic media player Winamp. As blockchain technology continues to grow within various industries around the world, there is no doubt that this new music platform will prove popular amongst all types of fans — whether they are hardcore collectors or casual listeners looking for an easy way to discover new songs!

The future of music consumption is here! With Warner Music Group joining forces with LGND.io and Polygon to create a revolutionary new platform powered by Web 3.0 technology, fans all around the world can now enjoy an immersive experience when streaming their favorite songs or collecting virtual items from any blockchain — all within one convenient platform! By allowing artists to create their own digital collectibles for sale on their site, Warner Music Group is ensuring that both casual listeners and hardcore fans alike have access to innovative musical experiences like never before! This groundbreaking collaboration marks a major milestone in digital entertainment history and is sure to continue making waves in years to come.

Warner Music Group’s ability to be successful across both physical and digital mediums is certainly worth the applause, especially when they are boldly taking steps into web 3.0 technology. New projects between them and other companies will undoubtedly bring huge changes in entertainment, finances, healthcare, logistics, and more! This is far beyond just a demonstration of how powerful collaborations can be; it symbolizes traditional companies’ capability to utilize emerging technologies without disrupting established practices. It might easily motivate other businesses to join this trend soon enough, driving us towards widespread improvements brought forward by these pioneering advancements!

Winamp’s involvement

Winamp’s decision to embrace the non-fungible token (NFT) movement is a bold one but not altogether surprising since the NFT boom has been gaining considerable attention in recent years. By using Metamask wallet, cryptocurrency, and connecting ERC-721 or ERC-1155 audio and video files with Ethereum or Polygon networks, Winamp users can enjoy access to revolutionary crypto assets that will prove their digital ownership. Royal CEO Justin Blau, also known as 3LAU, recently commended how this forward-thinking development affects the entire blockchain network. He believes that strong compliance standards should be prioritized to ensure the protection of all users involved — a cautionary stance which makes it clear that companies like Winamp are taking serious strides in revolutionizing our digital experience for good.

With its exciting new updates, Winamp is setting itself up to once again revolutionize the music industry. CEO Alexandre Saboundjian proudly announced that the first standalone player reading audio NFTs and any other possible formats will be available on the platform, granting users access to a limitless archive of music files. Furthermore, this development will be paired with a cross-platform creator service which will launch in early 2023, allowing artists to delve into the potential of web3 technology. It is clear that Winamp recognizes the transformative power digital music can have as they recall their own important role in transforming how people listen to and enjoy music when mp3s emerged in the seminal moment of digital innovation. Thus, it’s no surprise that they are now at the forefront of the latest one.

Justin “3LAU” Blau’s Royal NFT marketplace is the latest step in helping to bring music NFTs to everyone and further allowing artists to monetize their work. The platform, built using Polygon and Warner Music Group, allows users to invest in songs or albums and receive a token for a percentage of the music’s streaming rights as well as future royalties. This helps create a larger community of both investors and artists, who now have a way they can benefit financially from the music industry. 3LAU’s groundbreaking project opens up new possibilities not just for musicians but also for those who want to support them by investing in their music and helping them reach more success than ever before.

“You earn royalties alongside the artist and get paid when they do,” the Royal website says.

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