Unlock Rewards with Magic Eden’s New Rewards Program

•Magic Eden is launching a rewards model for Solana NFT traders that includes perks, discounts, and potential free NFTs.

• The marketplace will introduce a “dynamic maker/taker” platform fee model starting in 2023, with heavy traders receiving larger discounts.

• Magic Eden Rewards program kicks off later this afternoon and spans five tiers of rewards, with users earning points towards the program based on how much Solana (SOL) they’ve spent on the marketplace.

• Magic Eden said that rewards will include things like “loot boxes” from NFT projects, NFT giveaways, and discounts..

• Until recently, Magic Eden took a 2% cut from all secondary sales but temporarily waived its fee starting in mid-October when implementing the divisive decision to make creator royalty fees optional for traders.

•Magic Eden will continue to waive that platform fee through the end of 2022 but in January it will launch a new “dynamic maker/taker model” for platform fees which splits fees between buyers and sellers rather than have the firm take its cut solely from sellers.

Magic Eden is revolutionizing the Solana NFT trading space with an exciting rewards model for traders. With this new rewards model, users are eligible for perks such as discounts on commission fees and free NFTs. This will allow them to maximize returns from their investments while enjoying rewards as they trade. Not only that, but Magic Eden also helps promote the NFT marketplace by making transactions simpler and more secure through its tools, giving users the confidence necessary to invest in digital assets. Magic Eden is bringing the traditional trading world into a new frontier and with its novel approach to rewards, it is certain to be a game-changer for traders in the digital asset space.

What is the offer?

In the past, exchanging assets was often expensive, with many traders paying a single fixed rate for trading services. However, this is all set to change in 2023 when the marketplace introduces its new “dynamic maker/taker” platform fee model. With this cutting- edge system, users who are especially active in trading will earn larger discounts based on their individual usage — a great opportunity for those who take frequent advantage of the market! For everyone involved, the new model promises to boost liquidity and reduce risk costs. It could be an exciting time for the world of asset trading!

The Magic Eden rewards program offers five tiers of rewards for users who spend SOL tokens on the platform’s marketplace. Each tier increases in value as users progress through them, giving users access to exclusive perks, discounts, and even free NFTs from some of the best projects around. In addition to this system, Magic Eden is also introducing a dynamic maker/taker model that will waive platform fees through 2022 and launch its new “dynamic maker/taker model” in January 2023. This will give users access to lower fees when trading or creating their own unique NFTs.

How Do You Earn Rewards?

Earning points towards the rewards program is easy — simply spend SOL tokens on the marketplace and your points will accumulate quickly! From there, you can redeem your points for various loot boxes from various NFT projects, take part in monthly giveaways, or receive discounts on select items in the store.

Magic Eden has created a comprehensive rewards program designed to reward loyal customers while encouraging more people to explore the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). With five tiers of rewards available, including exclusive perks and discounts, as well as a dynamic maker/taker platform fee model that waives all fees until 2023, there has never been a better time than now to get involved with Magic Eden’s Rewards Program! Unlock amazing benefits today by spending SOL tokens on the marketplace — it’s just that easy.

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