Twitter to Collaborate With Various NFT Marketplaces

New Tweet Tiles for collectors to be created

Twitter has announced a new partnership with OpenSEa, Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs, and to enable tweet tiles for NFTs.

The new move is another in Twitter’s strategy to expand into the web3 space. This test product aims to enable users to share call-to-action-enabled (CTA) NFTs and collectibles. The feature will be called “tweet tiles” thus expanding the future innovation for the Twitter development community according to a tweet by Amir Shevat.

The social media giant now wants to bring the feature to the NFT space and so a collaboration with multiple NFT marketplaces has been created. With the partnership with the various NFT marketplaces, Twitter hopes to roll out the feature to NFT collectors allowing them to share CTA-enabled collectibles, the tweet collectible will also contain NFT metadata including the name of the NFT/collection and the creator.

The initial run will allow the partners to display colorful NFTs on Twitter . If the project is successful then the feature will be made available to all of the NFT community. Twitter is serious about NFT implementation, the company has already allowed for NFT profile pics via their Twitter Blue subscription plan and the company hopes tweet tiles will enable developers and collectors to expand the NFT experience by creating posts that are visually enhanced and more attractive.

In a press release the company made the following comment:


“The ability to embed NFTs, complete with pertinent information and a direct marketplace link, will drive sales and support the disvovery of new and trending collections”

Twitter , 2022

The Tweet tile feature is already accessible via the five marketplaces pointed out at the beginning of this article. 


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