Twitter Co-founder Dorsey Leads $6M Investment in Azteco, Boosting Bitcoin Voucher Service



  • Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder and Block CEO, leads a $6 million funding round for Azteco, a provider of bitcoin vouchers, showcasing his commitment to advancing the cryptocurrency landscape.
  • Azteco offers a user-friendly voucher system that simplifies the process of purchasing and redeeming bitcoin, aiming to address the global banking access disparity and empower the unbanked population.
  • The funding will help Azteco accelerate market activation, refine its products, and expand its presence in Latin America and Europe, while Dorsey’s involvement highlights his dedication to pushing the boundaries of cryptocurrencies and supporting innovative solutions.

Jack Dorsey

Twitter co-founder and Block CEO Jack Dorsey has spearheaded a $6 million funding round for Azteco, a provider of bitcoin (BTC) vouchers. This investment highlights Dorsey’s ongoing commitment to driving advancements in the cryptocurrency landscape. Azteco aims to address the global banking access disparity by offering a practical solution that utilizes bitcoin as a cost-effective and secure alternative, enabling the unbanked population to store value, engage in transactions, and access credit without requiring a traditional bank account. With the funding, Azteco plans to accelerate its market activation and refine its products, focusing on Latin America and Europe.

The Azteco Voucher System

Azteco has developed a user-friendly system that makes buying bitcoin as easy as purchasing mobile phone credits. Users can visit an Azteco outlet with cash or a credit card, where they can purchase an Azteco voucher. The voucher can then be redeemed on the Azteco website, where users provide their bitcoin address for delivery. Azteco takes care of the rest, ensuring the bitcoin is securely delivered to the specified address. This approach simplifies the process of entering the world of digital currencies, as Azteco did not require Know Your Customer verification checks, although it is unclear if this policy still applies.

Closing the Banking Access Gap

Azteco’s mission to provide access to a secure financial system aligns with Dorsey’s belief in closing the gap for the unbanked population. With over 2 billion smartphone users lacking regular financial services, there is a significant disparity in global banking access. Azteco’s ecosystem of financial self-determination aims to bridge this gap by offering a secure and supported solution that empowers individuals without traditional bank accounts. Dorsey’s admiration for Azteco’s mission drove his significant investment in the company.

Expanding Reach and Impact

What began as a test site in Shoreditch, East London, quickly expanded, and Azteco now operates an extensive network of retail locations across 195 countries. The availability of Azteco vouchers allows individuals around the world to easily access and transact with bitcoin. With the recent funding, Azteco aims to further refine its products and activate new markets, focusing on Latin America and Europe. The boost in resources will empower Azteco to effectively reach and engage consumers, amplifying its impact in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Cryptocurrency Pioneer

Dorsey’s involvement in the crypto realm extends beyond his investment in Azteco. His payments firm, Block, has recently made headlines with its mission to revolutionize the bitcoin mining landscape. Block is developing specialized silicon for mining hardware, aiming to disrupt the status quo and bring innovative advancements to cryptocurrency mining. Dorsey’s active participation in the industry showcases his dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Unwavering Commitment

 Jack Dorsey’s $6 million investment in Azteco demonstrates his unwavering commitment to driving advancements in the cryptocurrency space. By supporting Azteco’s bitcoin voucher service, Dorsey aims to close the gap in global banking access and empower the unbanked population. With the funding, Azteco plans to refine its products and expand its reach in Latin America and Europe. Dorsey’s active involvement in the crypto industry, including his efforts to revolutionize bitcoin mining through Block, further solidifies his position as a pioneer and advocate for the adoption and innovation of cryptocurrencies.

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