The Solution?

Solana disables a feature that has been linked to outages

To all that are following Solana, there is no secret in the fact that the blockchain has been plagued by outages. The recent number of outages has holders worried and investors losing interest. On June 1st the mainnet was. hit by nondeterminism which completely halted the network.

During the halt the network was down and the validators did not process fresh blocks which resulted in Solana-blockchain applications being take offline. It took a few hours but ultimately the network was brought back online.


It was recently reported that the team at Solana has disabled a feature that was causing these outages. The feature in question was the durable nonce transaction feature which was developed as a safety but seems to be causing more drama instead.

This change is seen as necessary and could possibly lead to a change in rush transactions and how they are handled by Solana from now on. This solution came from disabling the nonce transactions initially to reset the network. After realizing the change in blockchain the team decided that this may be a more permanent solution.

The Solana network has always been branded as the “Ethereum Killer” but if things continue to go this way there is a good chance that the blockchain will finish itself off first.

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