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Incredibly Fast Floor Growth

As of this writing, the floor for Portals is at 7 SOL for the basic entry “Ivory” card for Portals, the NFT/Metaverse Living area that is life now on their website.

Starting the article with that piece of information may seem a bit odd but one must also be informed that the mint was less than 24 hours ago. The rapid growth of the floor only goes to show that the metaverse is indeed the new way to go when it comes to any type of investment, whether that be money or time.


The demo room was still very very cool


What are Portals?

Portals is a web-based Metaverse platform that started development in early 2021. The idea of the project is to create a place for you to create, share, invite, chat and build. The goal is to create a virtual space that incentivizes users to invite their cool friends and build a community together in the metaverse. Currently, there are multiple types of rooms available, and those that are lucky to mint the better access cards will have access to those spaces.

There are plans for a downtown segment to be built with hundreds of things to do and discover together with multiple users. Currently, the team is community-focused and not so focused on the selling of big land areas such as other metaverse reality projects. The project is headed by multiple talents from all over the world and a goal they have stated in their introduction article is to build an area that is fueled by users genuinely interested in growing a positive experience on the metaverse.

You can read their medium article for all the information you need on the project and learn as much as you can. Currently, the NFT pre-sale is over and those that were able to mint the rooms at 1.5 SOL can consider themselves very lucky. As stated at the beginning of this article, the floor is much higher than mint. The mint itself sold out in 4 minutes and the growth of the project’s floor continues as we speak,(actually, it just raised a little to 7.50 after I checked again.)

What does this mean? Why is this news? Metaverse projects are going to continue to grow and most opportunities from now on will probably be in that space. Having a project like Portals built for on the Solana blockchain only solidifies two things. 1. Solana is an excellent platform to develop on and 2. For any NFT project to be successful in the future, it will have to depend on more than just its looks, the days of the pfp only project are quickly coming to a head.

So… What Do You Do?

Currently, in portals you can decorate your room, you can play emulated games ( I played Pac-Man for a while ) you can even try to hack into a computer and find secrets. I spent a lot of my time trying to get to level 5 in the Pac-Man emulator and realized at my age I such at Super Mario Bros.(yes, there is a Nintendo emulator as well.)


You can take your wallet and connect to portals, where you can share the NFT that you have collected and show off to other members you “invite” over to share your room with. There is text speech and it seemed as if there was also voice speech but mine was crossed out, not ready?



There are plans for many more activities in the future with their downtown expansion that is soon to come, so users will have lots to do in the future. The cards that are on sale now can be found on Magic Eden for those that want to try the secondary market route.

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