Star Atlas Alpha

The launch is upon us all

The Star Atlas launch is quickly coming upon us and with it are some of the new updates that are planned for the project. The new updates were detailed on the Galactic Marketplace and Star Atlas DAO. These new updates are meant to create a better experience and address governance of the platform.

The Galactic Marketplace is getting an update that will improve the speed and make it easier to user on PC and mobile. The improvements of the marketplace were made in a post on the Star Atlas Medium page on July 22. The marketplace will also allow users to discover, search , sort , filter, and bookmark items.

Some gameplay was released as well with the community very excited to see the Play to Earn offering finally resembling what was promised by the team.

The Star Atlas DAO was touched upon as well as the team spoke on the DAO governance and locking module.  The $POLIS token is the utility token used to express political rights within the metaverse project. There will only be 360 million tokens available and players will lock those into the DAO Framework. These holders will earn rewards and the ability to vote on any issues that affect Star Atlas. The goal is to reward those that love politics by creating a framework for said politics in the metaverse offering.

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