Sports Metaverse initiates sale of digital land

Sports and metaverse going hand in hand.

The sports metaverse is ready to build an online world fit for an athlete. The team has implemented their public land sale which will be done in phases. The first phase will give landowners a high-quality fan cave specifically focused on sports.

These caves are capable of allowing users to invite other users into their space, sharing video events, playing party games such as pool, stream sports events, or even rent out the land. There is special purpose land for sale as well that will allow the building of a stadium or event hall. 

The Sports Metaverse is claiming to be the first metaverse that is solely devoted to sports, sports brands,and sport clubs. Users will trade, buy,and sell sport-themed NFTs , buy an trade land, and interact with athletes on the metaverse.

There are plans for bigger spaces as well which would allow for the building of coliseums and event areas for major brands to promote themselves all providing 24-7 access.

The plans of the Sports Metaverse involve connecting users to billions of other sports fans and athletes in real-time.

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