Solice Opens Beta

The metaverse project begins




Solice is a cross-platform VR 3D metaverse that is full and built on Solana that allows users to make virtual experiences that can be monetized by being creative , social and playful. Players are rewarded for participating and building on the metaverse with tokens and rare assets for completing quests or clearing dungeons. The project is a metaverse world with a futuristic theme built to create a full experience for users.


The team of Solice has been busy for months creating a world and the avatars that are going to be a part of the metaverse. There have been two significant milestones towards a complete launch.Besides a marketplace launch which can be found on their page. As you land on their website you can go to the marketplace and join in their soft launch. The soft launch will be used as a way to find any issues and deal with them. Lucky users will be able to test out the metaverse and get a real feel for the project as a whole. The marketplace is open for those that are interested in buying land or the avatars in order to interact with the platform. The lowest you can find land for is 4,000 SCL, their native token, with a price of $0.13 USD at the time of this writing that is $520. The land and avatars are NFTs that can be sold and traded as well, there are more NFTs in the form of plots, weapons, buildings and weapons as well.

The team has been very focused on putting all of the items together to make a cohesive world. There have been difficulties of course with the way things are going on Solana at the moment such as price drops, network slowdowns and more.

The project had a great foundation of $4.36 Million in funding from firms such as Animoca Brands, Three Arrows Capital and more. The project was able to sell out all plots and NFT in the initial offerings during a public sale that took place two weeks ago. As stated before the land parcels are customizable and able to be sold or traded.The land can also be used to start a business, invite friends, or host events.

At the time of this writing the marketplace is open and so is the beta.













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