Solice Is Migrating To A New Blockchain

Stagnant Metaverse Project Plans To Move Blockchains 


  • Solice is officially migrating to the Aptos blockchain, aiming to resolve issues faced on Solana.
  • The Aptos chain offers improved scalability, speed, and security compared to Solana.
  • Migration will not impact Solice’s roadmap, with a one-way bridge for tokens and NFTs expected to be completed by 2023 Q1.

Solice, an innovative metaverse and gaming platform, has reached its one-year milestone and is now set to migrate to the Aptos blockchain after months of research and development [Query]. The decision comes in light of the successful mainnet Aptos launch and the challenges faced on Solana.

The Solice project has made significant progress since its inception in October 2021. The team has grown from just a handful of people to a 22-member strong internal group, with over 70 people working on the project if vendors are included. Despite facing obstacles like the bankruptcy of 3AC, Solice has achieved milestones such as the initial DEX offering (IDO), genesis release event, land and avatar sales, auctions, marketplace, ongoing Hackathon, and community hangouts [Query].

While building on Solana Mainnet Beta, Solice experienced several issues, including network congestion problems, downtime, faulty timestamping, and problems with Metaplex Auction house. As a software company first, Solice aims to develop a video game with blockchain integration for digital ownership and security of in-game assets, as well as unlocking multiverse mechanisms. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, the team has chosen to make the game engine blockchain agnostic [Query].

After considering other chains, Solice decided to migrate to Aptos due to its compatibility with their backend, improved scalability, speed, and security, and user-friendly features like secure key recovery. Aptos also boasts a better consensus algorithm, preventing bottlenecks experienced on Solana [Query].

The migration process will not impact users significantly for now. Solice aims to complete the one-way bridge, which will allow people to swap Solice tokens (SLC) and Solice NFTs on the Solana network to Aptos, by the end of the year. Staked tokens and rewards will continue to incur as before and can be converted with the bridge once it is complete [Query].

Addressing community concerns, Solice has reassured users that they are satisfied with Aptos’ performance and will closely monitor mainnet performance. The backend and game engine have already been integrated, with the team working on a new marketplace and one-way bridge for a seamless transition. The migration will not impact the roadmap of game development, with Solice planning to support multiple networks in the future and potentially reintegrate Solana once it becomes more stable [Query].

Users will need to install an Aptos compatible wallet, such as the Martian Wallet, to participate in the migration. In the coming weeks, Solice will focus on building the bridge and new marketplace, while the game development team continues to make progress on the roadmap goals [Query].

Solice will host a Discord hangout on October 28th, 15:00 UTC, with the CEO, Christian, and lead software architect to discuss the migration process and answer community questions [Query]. As Solice makes this significant transition, the future looks bright for the metaverse and gaming platform.

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