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Earning Crypto through puzzles

We stumbled upon a project while we were looking for new Solana projects to report about. This project is a play-to-earn project that challenges the players to complete puzzles to earn NFT or SOL. The project is called Solcypher and the premise is one of great creativity.

With Solcypher players can earn $SOL and achievement-based NFTs. The current prize pool for their first puzzle at the time of this article is 10 SOL. The first puzzle is entitled “The Old Castle” and the first 10 players to answer all of the puzzles will be declared the winners of round 1. The developers have promised that there are additional achievement-based NFTs that will go to other players and those NFTs will gain them access to something larger.

The developers of the project are very friendly and gave us a great interview. Here we decided to share what we learned from them and how their project can provide many people who love a challenge a way to make a profit and have fun at the same time.

The Old Castle is the first puzzle players will attempt to complete.

SN: How many people are on your team?

SolcypherThere are two of us: Cryptosal and flipperbw. WE’ve been building software for 10+ years and have been playing games together for the better part of a decade-although individually, we’ve each been playing games for 30+ years.

SN: What influenced your project? Why puzzles?

SCWe love puzzle games, it’s what we typically gravitated towards when playing together when we had time. Any game that offered cooperative puzzle-solving was something that we were willing to check out. We specifically took inspiration from Notpron, The Room, and the classic, Myst.

SN: What are the plans for your project? More puzzles? Different types of puzzles?

SCWe have multiple themed rounds planned. So the first round is called The Old Castle. There will be 3–4 others like that within a series. The series will culminate in a big event! Additionally, we have some aspirations around really taking a stronghold on the puzzle community in Solana and crypto at large. If we get to later phases of the project, it would include tokens and building a game built on Unity, with a similar playing experience to classic Myst.

SN: How do you plan to keep your community engaged?

SCWe are working towards creating a community of intellectually curious, fun, and interesting people. Part of what we are doing is engaging folks weekly on our puzzles, but also tackling external puzzles in various groups. Right now a few of us are digging up an old Arweave Puzzle worth a very large bounty.

SN: Are the NFT you offer from random collections or your own?

SCThe NFTs are from our collection. Specifically, the 1/1 NFTs that we have to belong to the first round’s collection. The 1/1s can only be won by the first player to solve it globally. There are other game-completion NFTs that are awarded to players who answer all 16 puzzles (doesn’t matter what position they complete them in).

SN: What would you say makes your Project stand out from the rest?

SNI think the prize pool + the NFTs are one angle. Also, we are a game that is the overall delivery vehicle for these puzzles. There have been puzzles from other crypto projects, but usually, they are 1-off marketing tactics. We’re different from that. Additionally, we allow players to purchase in-game clues. This is a big thing because it adds additional strategy to the game. Do you team up with others? Buy all the clues on your own? Do you need the clues at all? Lots for the players to consider. Last, we’re stitching together an experience across multiple rounds. All the while, we are building a community of people who love to solve puzzles and enjoy games.

SN: How many users do you currently have?

SC: The game hasn’t been released yet, but our Discord is 300+

SN: would you consider your project play to earn or something entirely different?

SCI think you can consider it play-to-earn. It’s a p2e puzzle/mystery game.

SN: Why Solana? How far do you see the Solana blockchain going?

SCSolana makes the in-game transactions lightning fast. Therefore, the user experience is still great. Additionally, we believe in the ecosystem and where it’s heading. We wanted to make our game accessible to a larger set of people and found Solana supports that in the low transaction costs.

SN: Any plans for AR? Cross-chain?

SCWe have thoughts about supporting additional currencies for in-game purchases. This is because we want to make it easy for anyone to just play and come check out Solana.

We at Solanews are very grateful for the project developers to have diligently replied to our questions and we felt the developers are working seriously on this project. Gaming is very hard to pull off in DeFi, not every project is going to be the next Axie, but as the community continues to grow and evolve you will see more projects that are serious about their play-to-earn mechanisms. The best thing is to have a gaming project that is led by gamers because only a gamer truly knows how to make an enjoyable game.

The project can be found here and if you think you are up to the challenge The Old Castle will be up soon! Good luck gamers!

Remember none of our content is financial advice. as usual, you should do your research and decide what is best for you. The writers and staff of Solanews may own some of the crypto or NFT that is written about. For more about Solana and Solanews check out our other links!

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