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The Solana blockchain is growing rapidly. The recently launched Synthetify platform was also built on this blockchain. Solana (SOL) investors saw a 4x gain just between June 2021 and September 2021 so naturally, people are interested in it and are investing heavily in SOL.

With large volumes of investments comes a demand for safe wallets that can store your digital assets and NFTs.

In order to secure your precious Solana-based assets we recommend you use Solana wallets secured with a Ledger Nano X. You have to connect your hardware wallet to the Solana blockchain by using web or software wallets. In this article, we’ll review the top Solana crypto wallets that you can integrate with hardware wallets.

We’ll also highlight some other best uses of these wallets so you can choose the one most suited for you.

Let’s begin!

Solana crypto wallets are of different types and are available on various platforms. The ones we reviewed here are mobile and web wallets that integrate easily with Solana hardware wallets to keep your crypto even more secure:

SolFlare — Web Solana Wallet



SolFlare is a web wallet created specifically for the Solana blockchain. Hence, it’s the preferred wallet for SOL in our opinion as it is easy to install and highly secure. Not only does it integrate with Ledger Nano hardware wallet, but it also allows you to yield farm on DeFi platforms.

You can use the SolFlare wallet on your desktop, mobile phone, or as a browser extension. Also, you can swap or stake your digital tokens (SOL) and view your NFTs in SolFlare.

Best use: complete access to your crypto coins at all times and the flexibility to invest in different kinds of NFTs.

Phantom — Web Solana Wallet


Phantom is an excellent Solana wallet that also displays your NFT collection. You can use it to send, receive, and store SOL cryptocurrency and use Solana Dapps with it. One of its best features is the compatibility with multiple browsers namely Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Phantom can integrate with ledge hardware wallet as well so it’s perfect for Solana blockchain users. Also, you can use it for yield farming on DeFi platforms.

Best use: supports SOL staking and is one of the most secure Solana wallets after you integrate it with Ledger Nano X hardware wallet.

Exodus — App Solana Wallet


Exodus is the leading app wallet for cryptocurrencies. And that’s why it’s a great option for SOL as well. It integrates with Trezor Model T which is a hardware wallet.

Although it doesn’t offer NFT support yet, you can still use it to easily exchange your SOL tokens or coins. Since this Solana crypto wallet doesn’t support direct integration with the Dapps, you can’t use Exodus for yield farming on DeFi platforms either.

Best use: you can stake SOL on Exodus to earn passively. It also allows cryptocurrency exchanges on the app and the transactions are processed quickly.

Math Wallet — Browser extension


Math has great compatibility with almost all devices we used it on. You can easily install the extension and use it to sell, buy and exchange SOL and NFTs.

It also integrates well with the Ledger Nano X Wallet. Not only that but it’s one of the best wallets with built-in Dapps so you can access DeFi and yield farm using your Math wallet.

Best use: Native support for 60+ blockchains and guaranteed security when integrated with an offline wallet.


Sollet Wallet — Chrome Extension



Sollet is not that secure on its own, but you can make it secure by integrating it with the Ledger Nano hardware wallet. You can use Sollet to stake or yield farm on DeFi platforms or exchange your digital tokens.

Since it’s a chrome extension, you can use it on any device that supports the browser and access your crypto. The only downside of this is that it’s for more advanced users so non-expert traders may find it hard to use.

Each of the above-reviewed wallets has some unique features to offer. It may not be possible for you to get everything you’re looking for in a single wallet. That’s why you should choose the one that offers you the most features according to your needs.

Let’s quickly recap some of the key features of the aforementioned Solana crypto wallets:


All five of th]e wallets in our Solana crypto wallets review are great options to get you started on trading and exchanging SOL. Whichever wallet you choose to go with, just integrate that with the Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet. Keeping your digital tokens and NFTs in the offline hardware wallet keeps them safe from viruses and hacks.

Leave us a comment if you have more questions about the wallets and keep following us for updated news about the Solana blockchain.

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