Solana suffers outage

" The "Ethereum Killer" network globally affected and halted"


Wow, there are simply no breaks being had by Solana lately. The price of SOL has dropped drastically since last year’s hot “Solana Summer”, and it seems this is the coldest spring so far. The problems on the blockchain continue to mount as they are more of the same. The speed of the network is taking a significant hit. It is all but polarizing to those that want to believe in the chain. There have been multiple issues with the network that have included outages before and this time is no different it seems.


Currently, the network is halted. There is a restart coordinated by the validators of the blockchain. The fact of the outage was first announced by the team at Coinbase.

Keep in mind the latest outage is not the first, there indeed needs to be internal research and solutions to these issues as the “Ethereum Killer” indeed needs to live up to its name. There are other challenges to the throne as well with Bitgert looming steadily in the background waiting to pounce for that position.

May 1, 2022, saw a network halting that lasted for 7 hours which was caused by a surge in transactions, it seems this time was due to an issue with block production.

What this basically is referring to is the fact that nodes that were generated created different results for the same block, this prevented any advance of information on the network.. Chain splits occur when two parts of the network compute information differently for the same transaction, a developer for Solana spoke on how this is difficult to entirely prevent and can happen on any blockchain. To guard against this it has been suggested that multiple node implementation is a good idea.

New Release

A new release of Solana is reportedly underway and transactions have been halted until that has been completed. It would seem that the update that took place on Solana last month did not completely cure all that ails the network and it can be suggested that the team needs to dig a bit deeper into what the real issue can be with Solana, whether that is coding or implementation. The Solana team is capable and diligent so that is not much of a worry , the question then becomes how long can the public wait for these issues to be fixed.

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