Co-Founder of Solana Speaks on Impending Ethereum Merge

Ran Gokal is the Chief Operating Officer of Solana Labs- the technology company that brought us the Solana blockchain and will soon bring the Solana Mobile Phone to web3 users everywhere. 

The co-founder believes that the anticipated merge could be the start of more growth for the blockchain in the future on a much wider scale. 

“It’s one step for Ethereum in a long road map toward having the type of scalability that Solana has today,”

Gokal was quick to point out the support Solana has for Ethereum as a win for the blockchain would be a win for blockchain technology as a whole.

“We want to see the Merge succeed, It’s good for onlookers in the crypto industry to see big upgrades being released and be successful.”

The merge will turn Ethereum into a Proof-of-Stake blockchain just like Solana. Solana itself runs on a Proof-of-History and Proof-of-stake model. Solana has been known to be very energy efficient and “green”.

It should be noted that the change in Ethereum is not necessarily going to change throughput or cost and these are issues that most users are concerned with, they are the issues that led people away from Ethereum and to Solana in the first place, especially in the NFT sector.

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Gokal made reference to the grouting NFT sector and how the volumes showed that moving to a more environmentally friendly PoS system was more beneficial to a project and its users.

The Solana ecosystem continues to grow as the impending release of the Solana Saga phone comes closer.  The phone which is slated to be a cool $1000 has already sold out of development kits and will focus on the crypto consumer and less on the casual user. 

Ethereum has not announced any type of platform to counter what is being done on Solana at the moment but the PoS merge shift is considered a welcome step in the right direction by many.


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