Solana introduces Solana Mobile Stack

Building Solana on mobile

A few hours ago Solana posted a mysterious tweet…

no more than 2 hours later this tweet was followed by an announcement that could shake up the very foundation of crypto on mobile.

Solana has gone mobile. The company introduced Solana Mobile which includes Solana Mobile Stack and Saga, the latter being a flagship mobile phone that helps build on the blockchain.

Solana Mobile Stack is here to end the dominance of the desktop. For those in the crypto sphere, you know that most of all if not all transactions are made on a computer and can’t really be made on our smartphones. The days of installing a browser extension and thumb drive are numbered. Mints, transfers, and trades that all involved you having to actually be at home or have a laptop ready will now be accessible via a smartphone made for web3.

Solana plans to implement a mobile experience that is optimized for web3 with the custody solutions, software, and hardware capable of creating a positive experience for any that wants to handle their transactions while out and about. The team plans to provide secure, biometric-integrated, custody solutions which include an app store governed by users and developers and not big giant companies and that would allow for zero restrictions on tokens or NFTs. The company states all of these features have been available for a while but no company has offered it, this changes now.

The process is not available for Apple devices as that ecosystem is tightly controlled and guarded but the team at Solana has indeed rolled out the open-source Solana Mobile Stack for Android which will enable Android apps to have native Solana support. The SMS includes a seed vault, which is a secure custody protocol for mobile that gives you access to the instant signing of transactions while keeping your private keys secure and separated. There is the inclusion of a Solana dApp store as well for decentralized apps.

Saga is the flagship android powered mobile device that is being offered with the Solana Mobile Stack. The device will be available in the first quarter of 2023. The phone will be “flagship quality” meaning that the specs will be very high end and the price point may be as well. The team is teasing a “Saga Pass” which will come with the first wave of Saga devices, this pass will offer the holder participation in the governance of the SMS platform.

This is a serious offering from the team at Solana as they boasted their catalog of companies backing the project such as Coral, FTX, Kiyomi/OpenEra, Magic Eden, Okay Bears, Orca, Phantom, StepN, and more. One can only think of the opportunities and possible implementation of the system to get very excited for the future of Solana. The constant activity and movement on the Solana blockchain have been a driving force in its adoption and sustainability, even though the native token is down more than 80% from its all-time high there is no stopping those that believe in the future of the ecosystem. The CEO of Solana Anatoly Yakavenko expressed his own excitement and beliefs in the project in an article he wrote about it, stating iti s a big step they felt they had to take.

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