Solana and Blockchain Gaming

Quick Points

Solana has its own killer play-to-earn app in Star Atlas

Forte provides the easiest way to start building a sustainable as well
as resilient value foundation for games, players, and communities.

There is no doubt that blockchain gaming is the wave of the future, with the growth of Axie infinity and games such as Star Atlas and Illuvium already making waves you can rest assured there is no stopping the train of success these projects are now on. Within a system of providing the player with the ability to learn and earn at the same time, these new empowering avenues of gameplay definitely have the potential to continue to see exponential growth and adoption.

Throughout 2021, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have dominated the industry and have made a lot of creators millions of dollars. The artwork alone is coveted due to the structure of NFTs and smart contracts, but added utility and promise of gameplay with said artwork is what is driving the market to the heights that many are seeing today.

As stated earlier, a prime example of a blockchain game that hit it big this year is Axie Infinity, which was the first game to hit $1 billion in Sales. We at Solanews have mentioned this game multiple times in many of our other articles and while it is a successful and positive project, Axie Infinity is based on Ethereum. Solana being a blockchain network that is seen by many as a direct competitor to Ethereum has its very own project that is poised to take the crown as the best game to earn on — Star Atlas.

Games such as Star Atlas were wise in deciding to produce on the Solana blockchain. Before the game was completed it had already been decided that Solana was the go-to blockchain looking forward.

On October 15, Solana had a discussion with Forte about the future of blockchain gaming and how, through their partnership, they can impact the industry in a significant way. Josh Williams, the CEO of Forte, had a discussion with Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana. Both parties are seeking a mutually beneficial collaboration that not only aligns with the values and objectives of both projects but one that also brings in the members of each project and helps them benefit as well.

How Forte Fits into the Big Picture

At the time of writing, 500 decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 applications, games, and NFT platforms are completed or currently in development, built on the Solana network. Forte is an end-to-end solution for token-based game economies as well as NFTs, which benefit the community.

What Forte essentially does is build a complete set of technologies, tools, and even services with the goal of removing any barriers to entry to blockchain technology, and this is the case for developers, players, and even fans. Additionally, they have grants that fund game creators with the goal of accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology.

You might still be asking how all of it fits in with Solana, the answer is Forte has several benefits.

  • Forte provides the easiest way to start building a sustainable as well as resilient value foundation for games, players, and communities. It allows for parallel revenue streams that complement existing ones.

They have also partnered up with over 25 game developers who are building on the Forte platform, so a partnership with Solana could very well be very beneficial for all involed as they can take advantage of Solana’s features.

The Future of Solana’s Blockchain Gaming Strategy

Solana is a platform that incentivizes decentralized application (dApp) development by prioritizing scalability. The native cryptocurrency token SOL is used to execute custom programs and transactions while incentivizing actors to support the Solana network.

The recent height of NFT gaming and the sheer amount of revenue blockchain games are pulling in has been an inspiration for Solana to pursue this path within the world of crypto, and Forte is indeed a strategic partner for fulfilling this role and securing the goal.

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