Solana 2022 Early Outlook

Ring in the new year with a
hopeful outlook on Solana

There are many reasons to be gleeful this season: the nice chill air that signals the possibility of a white Christmas, the possibility of being able to be with friends and family for the holidays ( if you are vaxxed, of course), the joy of your little ones anticipating Jolly ol’ St. Nick bringing them their most desired gifts, and Solana slowly rising back up to $200 before the end of the year. Sure there are many more reasons to be merry- for me, these stand out the most.

That said, there is much to be excited about concerning the Solana blockchain. This article intends to show you some of the projects that we are most looking forwards to and could be of some major interest to you and investors in the future. A lot of these projects build upon the already phenomenal momentum that Solana has built and could take Solana even closer to the moon.

Solana has seen massive success this year making it one of the biggest crypto success stories of 2020. Solana was launched in March 2020. This date was the same time as the Covid-19 outbreak and all of the lockdowns that followed. The blockchain was able to power through all of the negativity of that year and by the time of its first anniversary, there was a momentum that just could not be stopped.

Not even 2 years old yet the protocol has attracted a treasure of talent which has gone on to create and support over 350 different projects, with a bulk of them dedicated to DeFi ( Decentralized Finance), NFTs, and Web3 projects. There has been a Solana Trust created to provide UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) and institutional investors exposure to the token and its blockchain.

By now we should all know the benefits of Solana compared to other blockchains and how it is superior to even behemoths like Ethereum. So ahead of its anniversary we are pleased to take a look at the projects that we believe are going to be big influencers on the growth of the blockchain and the value of the token.



NFTs meet DeFi. Bridgesplit is a financial infrastructure for cross-chain NFT. Bridgesplit plans to aid those in creating liquidity with the NFT that they own. With many projects being priced out of blue-chips, or owners unable to participate in certain ecosystems, Bridgesplit aims to create opportunities for owners to create liquidity and flexibility in an ecosystem where it is already unreachable for most. With their process of fractionalizing NFTs, Bridgesplit enables holders to sell only a portion of their asset, and enables access to blue-chip assets at lower price points, thus allowing communities to grow past the initial 10,000 or whatever size the original mint was.



This project is huge. Solice is the first open-world VR metaverse on the Solana blockchain that combines social, gaming, and crypto elements into one massive interactive package. Players can construct and monetize mini-games, earn crypto for completing those games or jumping into dungeons and even sell the items they discovered along the way in an integrated marketplace. Players can even create their NFT for use in the game via a custom SDK. The project has already raised over $4.3 Million in investment from many esteemed venture capitalists. Solice provides the very real opportunity for a Metaverse that could open doors for multiple projects and ideas and excitement are growing daily for this project.



This project was the winner of Solana’s 2021 summer hackathon. Nova is a programmable asset framework that allows a user to create a portfolio of crypto assets. These assets would then in turn automatically generate returns via multiple mechanisms. This allows those that missed out on the gains from early adoption of the asset to have a way to find profit. Nova is currently on the Solana blockchain but this project is not exclusive to Solana, there are plans to reach other blockchains to support a wider range of assets and thus give users even more opportunities.

Ratio Finance


Ratio finance aids those who want to yield better returns from locked liquidity pools in yield farms. This model utilizes collateralized deb positions in the form of soft-pegged stablecoin, USDr, which is used to pay off loans, cover the debt, or initiate investments. The plan is to implement tools to help users make DeFi less of a risk.



Many companies tout a “loyalty service” or “member benefits” that usually only end up benefiting the company in the long run. Now let’s imagine if you could earn rewards for dealing with those businesses and that their loyalty programs were beneficial to both sides of the equation. This is the idea behind Crowny. Crown is a privacy-focused solution that benefits both the user and the brand. Using the mobile application, the user can control the content and deals that are promoted to them while the brands have a great way to reach their target audiences. There is also a native token titled $CRWNY which goes into the wallets of users that participate in certain campaigns.



This Solana DEX has just passed $20 million in daily trading. There is also a centralized counterpart in the works. The platform offers a RIIN token that is designed to incentivize participation in the entire ecosystem that has been created by Aldrin. With RIIN users can stake to receive a portion of the fees that are generated by the platform. There is also a derivative sRIIN of the pledged assets. Trading in the orderbook DEX also comes with a rewards program that compensates those that trade.



This is not your typical metaverse fantasy escape destination. All of the travel on this project happens on four wheels. RaceFi is the first car racing game that utilizes AI to feature on the Solana blockchain. There will be several race modes: PVP,PVE, and battle race. The project gives players the chance to earn by owning in-game property such as garages, showrooms racetracks, and billboards. This project is set to launch in the second quarter of 2022 and they plan to bring something fresh and different to all those who love crypto and the metaverse.

DeFi Land


Classic Yield farming template of an agricultural simulation but incorporates gamified elements and play-to-earn. Players can complete tasks like fishing, crafting, and competing in activities to gain profits. DeFi Land has already incorporated other projects such as SolFarm, Orca, and Raydium and will conduct an NFT land sale in early 2022, there are plans to also roll out user governance and expand to support other blockchains.



Imagine a data-driven platform that tells you what the “whales” in crypto are doing. Are they selling, what prices are large players accumulating at, is the market oversaturated with the greedy? WhaleMap extracts raw bitcoin transactions from multiple nodes in real-time then aggregate the information (whale selling volumes, accumulation patterns, etc) into a range of analytic tools to inform the perspective of investors. Though a free membership plan is available, the deluxe package costs $99 per month. If the insights of this project could be put to good use then the investment would be worth the price.

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