Silvergate Bank and FTX Class Action Lawsuit: What You Need to Know


•A class action lawsuit has been filed against Silvergate Bank, alleging that the company aided and abetted FTX’s fraudulent activities.

• The suit claims that Silvergate is liable for its role in ‘furthering FTX’s investment fraud’, and alleges breaches of fiduciary duty.

• Plaintiff Joewy Gonzalez and ‘all others similarly situated’ entrusted their investments to FTX, which promised investors they would be able to cash out or trade their assets securely.

• However, with the collapse of FTX last month, investors are unable to recover their investments.

• The lawsuit also alleges that Silvergate made misleading statements about its platform, failing to disclose that it lacked sufficient controls to detect money laundering.


Silvergate Bank, a financial institution that specializes in digital assets, is facing scrutiny from legislators and customers alike amidst allegations of aiding and abetting fraudulent activities. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the company by a group of people who allege to have incurred losses because of its alleged involvement with FTX, an offshore cryptocurrency exchange. While these accusations are certainly startling, Silvergate Bank has already defended itself by saying that it was not aware of FTX’s illegal activities in advance and that the bank has always enforced stringent compliance procedures. It remains unclear what the outcome of this lawsuit might be and only time will tell if Silvergate Bank is guilty or innocent.

Allegations Against Silvergate Bank

The lawsuit alleges that Silvergate Bank knew or should have known that FTX was not capable of delivering on its promises, yet they allowed them to collect millions in investor funds. Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that Silvergate failed to perform proper due diligence before opening and maintaining accounts for FTX. Moreover, the lawsuit claims that Silvergate even facilitated the fraud by allowing FTX access to investor funds through its banking platform.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claimed by Plaintiff Joewy Gonzalez

The lead plaintiff, in this case, is Joewy Gonzalez, who is claiming a breach of fiduciary duty on behalf of all other investors affected by the collapse of FTX. He claims that Silvergate should have protected investors’ interests by properly evaluating potential customers and refusing to do business with those who could not meet their obligations. Instead, Gonzalez claims, Silvergate allowed FTX access to investor funds without verifying whether they could actually deliver on their promises.

FTX Promises That Could Not Be Kept

According to the complaint, FTX made several promises regarding its products and services which it ultimately could not keep including promising returns on investments as high as 40%, promising investment diversification and risk mitigation strategies, and promising access to exclusive financial opportunities unavailable elsewhere. Ultimately these promises were never fulfilled because FTX never provided any of these services or invested any money into projects; instead, they simply collected millions from unsuspecting investors only for the company itself to collapse soon afterward leaving many investors unable to recover their losses.

Summary of Claims Against Silvergate Bank

In summary, this class action lawsuit against Silvergate Bank claims that they were negligent in protecting its customers from fraudulent activity perpetrated by one of its clients –FTX — by failing to properly evaluate potential customers before allowing them access to investor funds through its banking platform. As such, plaintiffs are claiming a breach of fiduciary duty and seeking damages resulting from their inability to recover investments due to the collapse of FTX. This case has implications not just for those who entrusted their funds with FTX but also serves as a warning for all investors looking for secure places where they can invest their money safely and securely.

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