Rumor is Apple’s Moving to Allow External Installation of iOS Apps

Apple plans to allow the installation of iOS apps from external sources due to impending EU regulations, Bloomberg reports.

• The move could make it easier for developers to build apps around NFTs and broaden the ability to make crypto payments through iPhones and iPads.

• Apple is still weighing whether to allow third-party apps to use their own payments infrastructure, Bloomberg claims, rather than force developers to route payments through Apple’s own payments setup.

• The reported changes come amid growing pushback to Apple’s closed ecosystem, which not only philosophically clashes with Web3’s decentralized ethos but also has led to restrictions around the ways that apps can utilize NFT assets.

Apple recently announced that it will be loosening the restrictions on its app store, allowing developers to make “non-Apple approved” applications available for installation on iPhones and iPads. This move has major implications for NFTs and crypto payments, as well as developers and the decentralized web3 movement.

EU Regulations That Prompted Apple’s Move

Apple is no stranger to regulatory backlash from the European Union (EU). The company was previously accused of creating an unfair monopoly within their closed ecosystem by not allowing users access to third-party apps outside of the App Store. In response, Apple decided to loosen these restrictions and allow external installation of iOS apps as part of an effort to comply with anti-competition regulations from the EU.

How the Change Could Affect Developers

With the recent news of Apple updating their App Store policies, developers around the world can now expect an influx of creative, exciting apps supporting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This move provides developers with much more flexibility when it comes to developing user-centered experiences around NFTs. Additionally, people will have access to a larger range of methods for making crypto payments through iPhones and iPads too — streamlining all operations related to buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies in general. It won’t just be developers that benefit from this new move either; users will appreciate the increased convenience and security when buying, storing, and trading crypto tokens on iOS devices.

Apple is one of the leading companies in terms of digital commerce, but it is still yet to decide whether or not to allow apps developed by third parties to use their own payment infrastructure. It’s a decision that could have huge implications for the entire industry, as it would move Apple away from its current stance of requiring all app payments to go through its own setup. Whether Apple will decide in favor or against allowing third-party developers to use their own payment systems remains uncertain, but it’s likely that whatever Apple decides has the potential to be an industry-shifting decision.

Consequences for Web3’s Decentralized Ethos

The implications of this move could be both positive and negative for Web3’s decentralized ethos. On one hand, easier access to developing apps around NFT assets and making crypto payments through iPhones and iPads could lead to more widespread adoption of blockchain technology. However, some view this as a disadvantageous position for the decentralized blockchain movement as it gives tech giants like Apple too much control over how users access content online.

Apple is a tech giant that typically likes to keep tight reins on the apps available for their phones, but new EU regulations are about to turn that carefully cultivated control upside down. According to Bloomberg, Apple has decided to allow users of their devices to install iOS applications from other sources, loosening some of the company’s restrictions in an unprecedented move. This shift is sure to have wide-reaching implications when it comes to both users and developers — while in the end, it’s always beneficial when consumers have more choice, only time will tell how this decision affects application security, user experience, and Apple’s current leadership in the mobile app space.


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