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A new utility -a new project- a great time

There are a few projects we have reported on that have done some great work since the time of their inception, and in doing our rounds we came across a wonderfully interesting and well-thought-out project named Blockstars. The name is a play on blockchain and rockstars. As you can probably guess the project is about rockstars, singing, and becoming a star on the blockchain. The team has a wonderful roadmap with lots of great plans and we were lucky enough to speak to the head of the team and learn more about the project as a whole. Please enjoy our interview and perhaps you can find the blockstar in you.

Blockstars: Thank you, I’m happy to be here and to get the word out!

Your project seems very revolutionary , would you say that your project is one that breaks barriers between web3 and the real world?

Blockstars: We have been focused on building Blockstars as a web3 game from the start. I don’t know that I’d say we are stretching barriers into the real world, but we are focused on making sure that we offer significant utility in the gameplay and as a more traditional token.

For example, each Blockstar is a professionally-designed, super-high-res 3D model, and every owner of a Blockstar gets the .fbx file so that they can animate it however they want. That means that every owner of a Blockstar can use them not just as their PFP if they want, but you can actually use Blockstars as your walking, talking, dancing 3D avatar across the entire metaverse.

We picked the music industry because music is universal. Every nation and culture has music and we want Blockstars to be accessible to everyone globally. At launch we are going to have 96 unique band genres to make sure there’s something for everyone. You can have something as simple as a solo vocalist, complex as an 8 Blockstar orchestra, or even a K-Pop band!

Busking is a quick & easy way to earn income at the individual Blockstar level. It can be particularly useful if managing a large band with high Minimum Wages — while some band members are Songwriting and others are Practicing, it might be a good idea to send some Blockstars out to earn some Busking income to cover the Minimum Wages of the other band members.

We added Busking to the project because we want to be sure that everyone who holds a Blockstar can play. Even if it’s just one. You can build a band as big as 8 Blockstars, but we are keeping every holder in mind as we design the game features.

Because Blockstars is a Music Management Simulator, the gameplay isn’t about generating live music, it’s about living out the fantasy of being an industry mogul who’s managing anything from an individual Blockstar to a full record label further down the roadmap.

Yes! Right now we have plans for music charts and a community alpha for record labels. That will start a whole new game loop for Blockstars players. You’ll be able to sign bands, give them access to recording studios and promotional efforts.

Just as you can train and develop your Blockstar bands, record labels will allow players who start one to upgrade them and improve their facilities (e.g. Recording Studio) and give a boost to the bands they’ve signed.

Blockstars are designed to be inherently social. Record label owners will need to communicate with the bands they sign to their labels to hammer out the details. Marketplace trading of Blockstars and other NFTs will require coordination between players. And we absolutely are planning to support “shared” bands, where multiple owners of Blockstars, with a variety of skills, come together and form a band, and then share in the earnings..

Solana is, after an extensive search and evaluation process of the various options out there, the best place at the moment to build games. It is fast, the fees are extremely low and the ecosystem is mature enough to provide the tools and services that a game developer needs to be successful.

After we complete the gameplay we will focus on music charts, record labels, and limited edition items. That’s Q2 2022 on our roadmap. In Q3 2022 we will be working on venues, marketplaces, DAOs, and more — the team is in this for the long haul and very focused on building with our community.

Each individual Blockstar is going to have their own unique combination of talents and an ideal upgrade path. That means each Blockstar might take on a variety of roles. Not just as musicians, but also as managers, promoters, social media influencers, and beyond. Our February 5th Foundation Drop is going to have enough diversity of skills and instruments to ensure that someone can aspire to gather all the Blockstars needed for any of the 96 band genre’s I mentioned before!

Singers will be important, most bands need a vocalist, but they are definitely not the only Blockstar you’ll see. Many Blockstars will have a musical instrument skill instead of vocals. That way bands in all 96 genres can be formed from day one. Some instruments might be rarer, but they’ll all be there.

All Blockstars will have skills beyond their main performance skill. That’s where the managerial, promotional, and other business skills will come into play. One Blockstar in your band may be a great manager, another might be great at the promotional activities — and both will still be playing music in the band.

What can you tell me about the team? How many members , what are their backgrounds?

The entire Blockstars team is doxxed. If you go to our website you can see who the entire founding team is and follow links to their LinkedIn profiles. Everyone who’s interested in Blockstars can do their research to see who we are and view our proven track record.

We are minting on February 5th, 2022 at 8:00 PM UTC on Magic Eden. The mint price is being finalized at the moment. Once that’s nailed down we will share it with our Discord community and on Twitter.

What else can you add that would increase the hype in your already amazing project?

We are hosting daily giveaways in Discord and on Twitter to get on our whitelist. If you get a spot on the whitelist you’ll be a part of a 15 minute presale before the Foundation Blockstars open up to the public.

Anyone who’d like to know more can visit our website and find our whitepaper. It goes into great detail about what we are building. Our Discord community and Twitter are the best places to stay on top of all the news and developments!

Thanks for taking the time for this and sharing your projet with Solanews!

Thank you for the opportunity to share more about Blockstars!

Rock Out

The time we shared with Blockstars though brief was very informative and exciting. The project has a clear destination and method. There is no question that this project may very well be one of those projects that lasts while others fall to the wind, only time will tell , until then we here at Solanews are going to think of a great band name… The Solettes?

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