Richer Dad

The author of the best-selling book joins Solana

Solana has gained a lot of traction lately, whether it is the explosion of trade of Solana NFTs or the constant news of new members joining in on the potential of the blockchain, there is nothing that seems to show the slowdown of Solana- even with the drop in price recently.

Solana is a blockchain with tons of potential and powerful members of the crypto community backing the possibilities presented by working with the blockchain. Though there are issues and some setbacks there doesn’t seem to be anything absolutely damaging to the project- though some will say Solana poses a myriad of red flags.

Recently Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki has been reported to support the Solana blockchain. For the uninitiated Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been a wildly successful written series on financial literacy told in the form of a story by Kiyosaki., though there has been some discussion as to whether or not the characters in the book were real or fiction, the knowledge proided in the book stay relevant and useful nonetheless.


In an interview Robery Kiyosaki compared Bitcoin and open source to the money of the people and gold and silver to “God’s Money”. Kiyosaki has always been a champion for people building wealth and prosperity. Speaking on inflation he mentioned how not many americans have even $1000 in the bank to save themselves and that inflation is not even helping with that situation.

As inflation gets worse and the prices of things continue to soar the idea of cryptocurrency and decentralization becomes more appealing to a lot of people. Kiyosaki has voiced his support of decentralization and has stated his support for the Solana blockchain. In the interview when asked why he added Solana to his portfolio this was his reply:

The best deals are always done early. When people say, ‘Do you invest in Bitcoin?’, [my answer is] yes, when it was $6,000. Solana is still early, and it’s got a possibility, it’s a long shot.


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