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Phantom wallet has landed but there are many issues

The wallet has missed out on numerous opportunities to become
the main wallet of all Solana users.

Phantom love

Since my journey with Solana I had searched for a wallet that made me feel secure and had ease of use. In going through all of the wallets on Solana I landed on Phantom and was instantly in love with the ease of use and the cute little ghost that popped up everytime I opened the program ( talk about marketing genius!). Once I began with Phantom no other wallet would do, so when the announcement came that my favorite wallet would be coming to IOS I was more than overjoyed.

My mind raced with ideas of how phantom could outperform other wallets such as SolFlare and Spot , how it would ease implementation of wallets into the websites I used on my cellphone. I thought it would be the one piece I was missing in making my crypto purchases seamless and mobile. In looking at the product that was delivered to me it would seem my imagination far outdoes that of the developers of the IOS wallet.

Never Meet Your Heroes

At the time of this writing Phantom wallet is out on IOS for all to download but the final product that was given to us feels more like an unfinished alpha build than a final offering. Phantom on the computer feels complete, the integration into NFT marketplaces, or DeFi financial sites is seamless and easy- that is not the case with Phantom on IOS.

It almost feels like a missed opportunity. Going on websites like MagicEden is still pretty pointless from your cellphone as you are unable to connect your Phantom onto MagicEden. This was one of the major reasons for downloading it onto my phone and to have this utility not be there is a major misstep in my opinion.

The NFT tab on the app is just a quick way to show off your NFT , the traits are displayed and the photo is up top just like the desktop version but that is it, there is nothing else, just a way to show off your NFT. There is no marketplace for NFT as you would find on FTX and I personally think this is another missed opportunity by the developers of the program. The wallet could do just like Spot which allows you to look at the NFT on the marketplace that it is located on via connection to the wallet. There could have been connections inside of the app to Solana-based NFT markets or there could have been a better view of the NFT themselves instead of a 1:1 translation of the desktop version to the IOS version.

Currently the Spot NFT gallery is more intuitive than Phantom

Pro Version

It feels as if there should be a pro version of the wallet like Coinbase has with Pro. The fact that this is a Solana wallet but there is no news section, no trade section and no candles or even a line to show the rise and fall in price also seems like a step that was just completely omitted by the team. In order to check the price of Solana I need to first open my Coinbase or FTX to see where Solana is. With all of these missed opportunities and the fact that I have to check other apps for price it seems like the Phantom app is only for showing off my Solana NFT and nothing else, why even make a wallet app then , why not create a “Phantom Gallery “ instead?

Perhaps a Phantom gallery would be more suitable?

Spot provides links to news about Solana
Even Spot can provide a price guide for Solana.

Phantom is a delight to use on the PC/MAC but for me the IOS version falls short of greatness and does not quite offer the type of utility and convenience most look for when downloading a wallet on their phones. I can only hope someone at Phantom reads Solanews and gets some great ideas for the update.

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