Phantom Wallet IOS

Quick Points

Phantom IOS wallet is vast approaching

The launch was not without hiccups and many
in the community are up in arms.

There are many wallets you can use on your browser now for your crypto needs. I personally love using the Phantom wallet, it is very intuitive, easy to use and I just love the little ghost. When Phantom announced that they were going to create a version for IOS I was over the moon happy, I couldn’t wait to be able to do my trading on my phone and show off all of my NFT( I have a lot). The Ethereum based wallet Metamask is already on the IOS and there are things I love and hate about the IOS version of Metamask, one of my biggest annoyances is that it is Ethereum based. I have switched over to Solana before working for Solanews and have never looked back, sorry if I sound biased but those gas fees were murder!

There are already some Solana wallets on the App Store such as SolFlare, Solareum, and Spot with the latter being the best of them all with its widgets and NFT wallet. I can only hope that Phantom takes some ideas from all of these wallets and makes it better. I know for my own personal use I prefer using Phantom over anything else for my trades on my desktop,so as long as they can keep the ease of use and they can have widgets that display price and NFT collections then I will be switching from Spot.

Rocky Start

The original plan was to release the wallet in early january and have full implementation by march. the plan was solid as many in the community felt it was well planned.

Phantom is not without it’s issues though, most of those issues stem from a release that seems to have ruffled a few feathers.In preparing for the IOS beta the team had planned to drop an NFT that granted early access-this did not sit too well with the community at all. Though the team at Phantom have made it clear that it was not their intention to alienate anyone or make a profit there are still those in the community that are not too pleased with the way things were planned.

The original issue was Phantom planing to auction off its 7000 NFTs that would grant the owners of those NFT early access to the wallet beta. Those that were on Magic Eden were aware of this drop as it was in conjunction with the team at M.E. The plan was to start the auction off at 8 SOL( currently $1,391.20 at the time of this writing). The price would have dropped .25 SOL every 10 minutes or so until the NFTs sold out , this is what is known as a Dutch auction. Now with 7000 NFT at a price of 8 SOL that would have been 56K in a best case scenario, and both Magic Eden and Phantom claimed to take no profit from the sale, instead opting to send the proceeds to the “Girls Who Code” non-profit organization.

The community uproar was mostly about it not being fair to those that could not get the NFT or could not afford it. Some saw it as a blatant attempt for Phantom and Magic Eden to monetize a launch. This lead to Phantom ending the sale and instead deciding on other methods of inviting early users. The team then promised to make a donation of $200K to the “Girls Who Code” foundation.



At the time of this writing 1000 invites have already been sent and taken and the other invites will be forthcoming. Phantom representatives remain steadfast in their response that the sale was not meant to sell admission but was just a way to use the momentum of the hype to do something good for another organization.

Phantom was quick to rectify the situation and get everyone back on board and excited for the launch that is scheduled for January. I for one cannot wait to get it on my Iphone and be able to make my trades anywhere I roam.

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