Otherside open for first phase entitled “First Trips”

Take it on the otherside

The Bored Ape Yacht Club has a metaverse entitled “Otherside”. The project has been months in the making with a successful ( yet highly congested and gas-heavy) NFT land sale and token drop. The company also gave anyone a chance to see the project in its alpha stage and is currently ready for its real first phase of activity.

The team at Yuga Labs invited their “Voyagers” which was 4,300 initial players that were invited to play on the platform this past Saturday. The Voyagers were lucky to be the first to experience the metaverse game with all other Otherside players only being able to view the “First Trips”.

The trip was to the “Biogenic Swamp” which is the center of Otherside. All 4,300 of the players invited were owners of “Otherdeeds” or the digital land sold for Otherside.The first phase is only open to those that have these Otherdeeds and “selected third-party developers” – likely the developers of other NFTs that have joined the BAYC Otherside team.

The Otherside is meant to be a journey with 11 parts that feature a narrative about a “mysterious obelisk.” Phase 1 will see the Otherdeeds holders be the first to traverse this storyline as they contribute to the construction of the platform as co-developers. There will be a suite of creation tools dubbed the Otherside Development Kit, that will aid in this ability to construct. The input of community work will be incentivized and the team states they want to recognize creativity.

Interoperability is still one of the major focal points for the team at Yuga Labs as the idea of an “open metaverse” where all avatars can freely move throughout the metaverse space to another metaverse space while still maintaining the look and possessions of their avatar. This is vastly different from META which wants to keep all things in house and separate from other metaversal projects.

Currently the only way to get onto this metaverse is through ownership of an Otherdeed with the lowest one purchasable hovering at 2.8 ETH which is roughly $3800 at the moment, with others being far more expensive.

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