One Man Plans To Save The Human Race From AI


  • Geoffrey Hinton, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI), has resigned from his position at Google due to his concerns about the potential for AI to cause significant harm to the world.
  • Hinton highlights the risks associated with the proliferation of fake images, videos, and text online, as well as the potential for AI to affect future employment and disrupt social balance.
  • He also warns of the threat to humanity posed by future versions of AI, which may learn unexpected behavior from the large volumes of data they analyze and execute their own code.

Geoffrey Hinton, the renowned artificial intelligence pioneer and one of the “godfathers of AI”, has resigned from Google to publicly express his concerns regarding the potential harm that AI could cause. In an interview with The New York Times, Hinton admitted that he partly regrets his life’s work due to the unintended consequences that AI may unleash.

Hinton’s worries stem from the competition between tech giants such as Google and Microsoft to develop advanced AI, which may lead to a global race without proper worldwide regulation. He did note that Google has acted responsibly in its research, but the fear of uncontrolled and irresponsible use of AI remains.

The Risks of AI

Hinton highlighted the risks associated with AI, including the proliferation of fake images, videos, and text online, which could make it increasingly difficult to discern the truth for the average person. As generative AI continues to improve, creators of fake and manipulative content could deceive and confuse people.

Moreover, Hinton fears that AI could replace human workers, disrupting social balance by eliminating more jobs than anticipated. Although AI may alleviate some monotonous work, it could ultimately replace those who handle routine tasks, such as personal assistants, accountants, and translators.

Hinton’s concerns extend beyond the immediate problems posed by AI. He is also concerned about how AI could behave unpredictably, learning unexpected behaviors from the vast amounts of data it analyzes. This becomes a problem when AI systems are allowed to generate and execute their own code.

The Race to Advanced AI

Hinton’s departure from Google underscores the need for worldwide regulation of AI research and development. The possibility of a “foom” scenario, where AI surpasses human intelligence, also raises concerns about its impact on societal development. This view is shared by thousands of tech leaders and researchers, including those who called for a pause in AI development until adequate controls are established.

Hinton’s move to express his concerns publicly reflects a growing awareness of the risks and challenges associated with rapidly evolving technology. He believes that his resignation was crucial in preventing the scenario that he says is getting closer every day.

Hinton’s concerns regarding AI pose a significant challenge to the AI industry. His experience and expertise in the field, along with his dedication to responsible AI development, emphasize the need for regulation and caution in the advancement of AI. Follow Solanews’ social media channels for more news and updates on the evolving world of AI.


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