Metaverse Cyber Attacks

New platform not immune to attacks by hackers

The recent attacks on Solana have not changed things when it comes to a need for better security measures on web3. As the space grows there will of course be new loopholes and hacks found by those that want to take advantage of developers and afoul for a quick buck. New Security measures will have to be discovered and more ways to circumvent hacks will need to be created.

During the second half of this year is predicted that the ransomware ecosystem will be more fragmented and thus allow hackers to hide more in plain sight. Smaller groups will be formed instead of the larger ones and thus will be harder to detect.

During these times crypto will still be something that hackers go after. The most recent crypto attacks have seen hackers exploit vulnerabilities in smart contracts, that trend may continue until concrete ways to defeat those methods are made. Cyberattacks around the world are continuing to grow more and more prevalent with ransomware being in the top spot of methods used. Ransomware groups have been noted to be more like a business and have become more organized. 

The metaverse is still very much in its infancy and while there are many projects that are aware of the hacks and hacking groups not many projects have come up with iron-clad ideas to stop the hackers from gaining access to assets. As the metaverse grows there will be room for improvement and learning of new methods to protect the community from hacks but at this time everyone should probably be diligent and prepared.

Metaverse Cyber Attacks

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