MakerDAO Co-Founder & Stablecoin Pioneer: Found Dead After Mysterious Tweets

Nikolai Muchegian, co-founder of MakerDao, BitShares contributor and stablecoin pioneer has been found dead in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The crypto innovator’s body was located and dragged out of the water near Condado Beach, an area known for dangerous currents. 

This comes within 24 hours of the 29 year old’s most recent tweet, where he called out a conspiracy against himself. This was the tweet

This wasn’t the young mans first social media post surrounding secret groups, intelligence agencies and central banks that were out to get him. His twitter profile can be found here, and is full of cryptic messages.

The entire cryptocurrency space will feel the absence of Nikolai’s ideas and contributions, and he will certainly be missed. 

Not the first crypto innovator to be found dead under mysterious circumstances and more than likely will not be the last. It is fairly common for technology, bio-pharmaceutical and finance executives to be dead, often attributed to market stress/volatility, legal issues or depression.

The USA is becoming known for punishing innovation in the blockchain and privacy space. Past cases of this include…

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the Silk Road marketplace. Although the platform allowed conducting illegal businesses, the founder did not partake in any of these crimes. He simply built a private, decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace. How people used it was up to them, but he spent the better part of the last decade in jail. 

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks website, was jailed several years ago because his anonymous platform was used to leak sensitive government information. Similar to Ross Ulbricht, Assange did not partake in the “illegal activity” only built the platform it was conducted over. 

Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower who leaked documents on Wikileaks, is still on the run bouncing between non-extradition countries as the US authorities ask him to return for trial. The man showed the American people that the NSA was illegally and unconstitutionally spying on them, with evidence, and has now spent years on the run from the US government.

Alexey Pertsev, the alleged Tornado Cash Developer, was arrested in the Netherlands several months ago after the US government sanctioned the software. Never before had a piece of code been sanctioned, but there is a first for everything. When it was announced, Netherland law enforcement arrested Alexey to be held for two weeks before a trial. At the trial, the judge sentenced him to another 90 days, in an attempt to discover evidence against him. They currently do not have evidence and therefor do not have the ability to charge him criminally. 

The below names were major cryptocurrency players who unexpectedly died. Their deaths may be entirely accidental/unfortunate circumstances, some also may not. Food for thought.

Matthew Mellon, crypto billionaire and early proponent to XRP, was found dead in a drug rehab in Mexico in 2018. Mellon was an extremely public figure who allegedly died from an overdose.

Autumn Radtke, American CEO of a Bitcoin exchange, was found dead by police inside her home in Singapore in 2014. She supposedly committed suicide. This occured shortly after a Japanes court was informed of her discovery of the recently lost Mt Gox Bitcoin.

Alexandre Cazes, suspected developer of AlphaBay, was found dead in a Thailand jail cell after US authorities asked he be arrested in 2017. Allegedly he has committed suicide.

Jung Ki-Joon, who was heavily regulating cryptocurrencies in Japan, was mysteriously found dead as the Japanese government pivots and starts accepting cryptocurrency in 2018.

Gerald Cotton, Founder of Quadriga CX Bitcoin exchange, declared dead in India in 2018. Allegedly dying from Crohns disease but also suspected of potentially faking his death.

Adam Tepper, Australian Bitcoin Entrepreneur, killed in a motorcycle crash in Thailand in 2015.

Dave Kleiman, supposed early Bitcoin developer, was found dead in his home. A depressing scene appeared the innovator had given up on live, with an absence of any shell casings from the loaded pistol.

Sergei Mavrodi, Russian businessman and pyramid scheme developer who scammed Russians and Nigerians out of millions, died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 62.

Rest In Peace, to all the names on the list.

Everything in this article could be pure coincidence, do your own research and remember, “verify, don’t trust”.

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This article was written by Patrick Hagerty on the Exploring Digital Assets  on 25.10.2022 and has been published here with permission.

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