L’Oréal’s New Partnership with Ready Player Me

•L’Oréal teams up with Ready Player Me to launch beauty products in the metaverse

• L’Oréal Group is doubling down on its metaverse efforts with a partnership with avatar creation platform Ready Player Me

• Yesterday, the beauty products giant announced that two of its most preeminent brands — Maybelline New York and L’Oréal Professionnel — have released “exclusive makeup and hairstyles for avatar creation on Ready Player Me that can be used on more than 4,000 platforms and apps worldwide.”

L’Oreal and the metaverse

L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, has announced a partnership with Ready Player Me, an avatar creation platform. The partnership will allow users to create digital avatars that can be used to try on makeup products from L’Oréal’s brands, including Lancôme, Maybelline, and NYX. The avatars will be able to generate a realistic simulation of how the makeup will look on them, based on factors such as skin tone and facial structure.

The partnership is part of L’Oréal’s ongoing efforts to embrace digital technology and provide consumers with new ways to engage with its products. readyPlayerMe is a subsidiary of Clevio, a Japanese company that specializes in 3D character creation technology. This is not the first time that L’Oréal has partnered with a digital avatar startup: in 2018, the company teamed up with Modiface, which was later acquired by Facebook. With the new partnership, L’Oréal is poised to offer even more immersive and personalized experiences to its customers.

This collaboration will allow users to access exclusive makeup and hairstyles from the two brands on more than 4,000 virtual experiences. From fashion shows and music festivals to wedding days and red carpet events, Maybelline New York and L’Oréal Professionnel will be there to help you look your best. With this new partnership, you’ll never have to worry about being caught unprepared for a photo op again. The Growing Trend of Virtual Reality

Joining web3

L’Oréal is not the only one who is looking to tap into the growing trend of virtual reality (VR). In fact, a study by SuperData Research found that the VR industry is expected to grow from $2.2 billion in 2016 to $20.3 billion by 2020. And it’s not just gamers who are interested in VR — according to a report by PwC, 36 percent of consumers aged 18–34 would be interested in using VR for travel planning, and 37 percent would be interested in using it for shopping.

Ready Player Me — Avatar Creation Platform

Ready Player Me is an avatar creation platform that allows users to create avatars with realistic features. With this partnership, L’Oreal now has access to this platform which will allow users to try on exclusive makeup and hairstyles from Maybelline New York and L’Oreal Professionnel in virtual reality. This is a huge step forward for the company as they look to lay the foundations for the future of beauty in the metaverse. Ready Player Me allows users to create a variety of different characters with customizable features such as facial structure, skin tone, and hairstyle.

The Future

This newest venture by the famous beauty company will allow L’Oréal’s customers to have a more immersive and personalized experience with their products. The company is looking to capitalize on the growing trend of virtual reality and use it to create new ways for people to interact with their beauty products. With Ready Player Me, L’Oréal can offer customers a more realistic simulation of how the makeup will look on them, based on factors such as skin tone and facial structure. 

L’Oréal believes that VR will eventually become the go-to platform for trying out new makeup looks and hairstyles. In fact, the company has already launched a number of VR apps, including Makeup Genius and Style My Hair. And with Ready Player Me, L’Oréal now has access to a platform that allows users to create avatars with realistic features, making it easier than ever to try out new looks.

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