Logan Paul Walks Back on Lawsuit Threat to Coffeezilla

•YouTuber Logan Paul has deleted a video in which he threatened to sue internet detective Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen over a three-part series that painted Paul’s CryptoZoo project as a “scam.”

• According to Coffezilla in a Jan. 6 tweet, Paul has promised to drop his threats of filing a defamation lawsuit over the videos.

• In his now-deleted response video to Coffeezilla, Paul accused Coffeezilla of defamation, adding “I’ll see you in court.

It would seem Paul’s unexpected U-turn comes after internet detective Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen published a three-part series accusing Paul’s CryptoZoo project of being a “scam”. In response, Paul initially threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against him, but eventually deleted his response video and has since apologized for coming into the situation with an aggressive stance.

A message from Paul sent to Findeisen through the CryptoZoo Discord server confirmed that he had taken down his initial response to Coffeezilla’s video series and was grateful for the spotlight being put on the issue. He added that he would be taking accountability, apologizing, and devising a plan of action to rectify the situation. As it stands, both parties appear to have now come to terms with their disagreement as Paul’s videos have been removed from YouTube and his tweet pointing out the videos is still up.

The war of words

The war between Paul and Coffeezilla began after the latter released a series of videos accusing CryptoZoo of malpractices and implying that Paul was involved in the wrongdoings. Paul reacted swiftly to the accusations with serious legal implications, politely saying “I’ll see you in court.” Findeisen shared a screenshot from the CryptoZoo Discord server including a message from Paul alluding to an apology and owning up to his part of accountability, as well as thanking Coffeezilla for bringing the issues to light. However, while the original tweet was left intact, there was no further sign of resolution or clarification coming from either Paul or Coffeezilla on this matter so far. Lastly, while it seemed that straightforward dialogue could have smoothed over an otherwise unnecessary conflict, Cointelegraph reached out to Paul and Coffeezilla but received no response before publication.

Logan Paul responded with a video threatening legal action against Coffeezilla if he didn’t retract his statements about CryptoZoo. He argued that the statements were false and defamatory and had caused considerable damage to his reputation. He also argued that he had done nothing wrong in creating the project and accused Coffeezilla of spreading misinformation about it in order to get views for himself.

Logan Paul and CryptoZoo

It’s no surprise that Logan Paul has jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and allegedly made a lot of money with his CryptoZoo project. CryptoZoo is a ‘Pokémon-inspired trading game’ which had invested users buying digital eggs, hatching them, and then breeding animals to earn proprietary tokens. However, no one knew what was actually happening in the game or why they were just staring at an image of an egg while still losing thousands of dollars.

Questions of whether or not Logan Paul’s project was actually a legitimate endeavor came forward until Stephen Findeisen released a three-part series looking into Paul’s business practices. It soon became clear that Paul seemed to be making unconscionable amounts of money regardless if it was via scamming or other methods with some currently wondering if he is on the same level as Sam Bankman Fried- don’t worry he’s not even close.

Paul’s response video launched as a backlash to the accusations that CryptoZoo had not lived up to expectations. Investors were expecting unique NFTs created by Paul’s team, but instead, they received stock images of animals such as ducks and penguins. This led to the developers splitting from CryptoZoo and beginning their own version, ZOO Labs. Paul claims he would sue Coffeezilla for defamation but never addressed his failure to deliver on his original hype. It was this disappointment of players which motivated the crypto community to demand accountability and Paul’s eventual non-apology response video.

Two years later from the initial drop of CryptoZoo, Paul is still trying to explain away his ethics, as some of CryptoZoo’s original players are looking for accountability. Many were expecting a lot from the project when it officially launched in September 2021 but it was soon revealed that developers had decided to launch their own version, and that Paul had allegedly been lying about having paid the devs $1M.

What Did Logan Paul Delete And Why?

After receiving numerous comments from other YouTubers criticizing him for attempting to silence criticism through legal threats, Logan Paul deleted his initial video threatening legal action against Coffeezilla. He later posted another video explaining why he had removed it, claiming that he had done so out of respect for those who felt his actions could lead to censorship on YouTube and out of respect for free speech rights online.

The controversy between Logan Paul and Stephen Findeisen has been one of the most talked-about incidents on YouTube recently, with many people taking sides on either side or offering their own opinion on what happened. It is clear that both parties are passionate about their beliefs and are willing to stand up for them publicly – something which has become increasingly important in today’s world where freedom of speech is under constant threat from governments and corporations alike.

Logan Paul is no stranger to controversy. A lot of his controversial antics have been chalked up to marketing stunts and scripted events to sell tickets or gain more notoriety. This seems to be a situation that is not scripted but indeed is quite dramatic. There are now eyes on the situation and Logan Paul to see what will happen next as many expect Paul to stay true to his word and fix this situation.

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