Karma on Solana

A hacker gets what was coming to them

The World of Solana community secured a win this past week with the capture of the hacker who stole WOS NFTs. As reported on their Twitter account via a long feed the team at WOS spoke on how they scammed back the hacker of UnchainedNFT. Unchained NFT is a cross-chain gaming studio that aims to build a melting pot of crypto culture.



The story is quite interesting and we are here to give you a shortened but detailed version of it. On May 23, 2022 UnchainedNFT_ a cross-chain development studio was hacked. the hacker took the contents of 109 wallets equalling a total of 150+ SOL. One of the harder hit wallets was a whale that had over 25 World of Solana NFTs. A whale is a user who has enough crypto to buy large amounts of a token or NFT. The whale had 3 top 100 ranked WOS NFT in his wallet as well.

Two intrepid users Quantmaven and AngelaTNFT devised a sneaky plan to get the NFTs back. The royalties of the project were raised to a whopping 98% and the trap was set. The developers waited for greed to set in and capture the hacker. Sure enough, two days later, the hacker listed the NFTs on MagicEden. The WOS community was able to buy 10 of the NFT while a sniper took the other 15. One member of the community –FamousFoxFred sent a message to the sniper.

The sniper cooperated with the community and was refunded his money as the whale got all of his WOS NFT back. This goes to show that community truly is one of the most important aspects of the NFT space and the positive members of the Solana community are always up to do the best they can.

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