Japanese government set to invest in the metaverse and NFTs

The Japanese prime minister states government investment in digital transformation will involve web3 tech.

Furious Kishida has been Japan’s Prime Minister since 2021. The Prime minister has been said to be very crypto-friendly and positive towards web3 technology.  Recently the prime minister has stated the government will be making efforts to further promote services in web3 which will include NFTs and the metaverse 

Kishida speaks on the digital future of Japan

A speech was made yesterday October 3 before the National Diet of Japan. Kishida stated that NFTs were already being issued to local authorities to solve challenges in respective jurisdictions.  Kishida hinted at digital national IDs as well. The prime minister also said the cabinet would “promote efforts to expand the use of web3 services that utilize the metaverse and NFTs.

Kishida spoke on collaborating with the United States as part of a joint effort to produce semiconductors and reforming regulations related to the technology sector. Kishida also stated that he is in favor of taxing Bitcoin transactions in Japan.

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