Is Earth2 The Metaverse We Deserve Or The One We Need?

• The project is being developed by a small team and as of now, it is all about creating a virtual world where players can buy land, build structures, trade with others, and withdraw virtual currency into USD.

•Earth2 has formed a partnership with Ready Player Me in order to provide exposure for the former’s avatar creation tools.

•The company plans to decentralize some of its in-game assets by putting them on the blockchain via the Polygon protocol and framework. This will provide direct ownership to players without the need for consent from any third party.

There is much going on with the rise of digital gaming, more and more people are looking for ways to bring their gaming experience to life. Enter Earth2, a decentralized metaverse that just announced a partnership with Ready Player Me. This virtual world is taking steps towards decentralizing some aspects of its platform, allowing players to have full ownership over in-game assets and giving them the freedom to modify or transfer those assets without needing third-party consent. Let’s explore what exactly this means for users.

Detailed Look at Earth2

Earth2 is an open-world virtual environment where players can customize their avatars and create personalized worlds. It is designed as a social platform where players can interact with each other inside the game. The developers behind Earth2 are working hard to make sure that the game gives players the same level of immersion and customization as a real-life environment does.

The partnership with Ready Player Me will allow players to use 3D scans of themselves for customizing their avatars, making it even easier to make their gaming avatars look like themselves in real life. The developers are also planning to decentralize some game assets, such as land plots and item inventories so that they can be owned directly by users instead of being stored on a centralized server controlled by the game developers. This will give users full control over their in-game items without needing any third-party consent when transferring or modifying those assets.

Benefits of Decentralization

The process of decentralization offers several benefits for gamers using Earth2’s platform. First and foremost, it allows for direct ownership over in-game assets instead of relying on a centralized server controlled by the game developers. This gives players greater power over what they own within the game world, making it easier for them to customize their experiences however they’d like without having to rely on third party approval or consent.

In addition, decentralization increases security within the virtual world since malicious actors cannot easily access user data stored on decentralized servers compared to centralized ones which may be vulnerable to hacking attempts. Furthermore, decentralization provides transparency within the virtual world by allowing users to view transactions made between two different parties within seconds instead of days or weeks like is often seen with traditional banking systems or payment processors.

Earth2 is an exciting project that has been gaining traction lately due to its innovative approach toward creating a virtual world where users can have complete control over their in-game assets without needing any third-party consent when transferring or modifying them. By partnering up with Ready Player Me and taking steps towards decentralizing some aspects of its platform, Earth2 is setting itself up as one of the most promising projects in this space right now and could very well revolutionize how we interact with one another through digital gaming platforms in the future.

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