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Boneworld is Taking off

There is a great social network created for
the Boneworld Community

Boneworld has taken off, even after a few mistakes on the launch. The new and inspired 3D NFT has seen a huge surge in publicity and value in the past week. The discord community that it originated from is full of some of the most amazing and creative people all around. The air is one of friendship and positivity, more so than a lot of other NFT drop groups.
There is a great social network of Boneworld holders called “Skellies” and they support one another. To help create a safe and productive space for all Boneworld holders we at Solanews have created what we call “Hotskellies.” this group on both Twitter and Discord is made with the belief that the Boneworld community is one of the greatest communities in the NFT space. Hotskellies’ purpose is to help fellow “skellies discover Boneworld related updates and tools and share services and tips, our main objective is to be a strong and supportive community and stand behind Boneworld and future exciting developments.
Please feel free to join us on our discord and our Twitter and enjoy yourselves. Show off your beautiful bones, participate in contests and conversations and help build the community even further for the Boneworld and your beloved “Skellies”.

Click here to join our Discord
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