Stability pools and Orca Whirlpools are now live.

Promising users interest-free loans against your SOL the mainnet beta of Hedge Labs is currently running. The company announced its launch via a tweet on May 20. Hedge Labs was introduced at last year’s Solana Ignition Hackathon and won the Chainlink prize. The company also recently announced raising $3.5 million in funds through a seed round led by Race Capital. Since this funding, the company has seen 20k unique wallets interact with their protocol and show interest in the platform producing 32,000 new vaults.

Hedge has a smart contract audited by prominent auditors as well and there are currently over 21k users on the discord. The protocol is a lending protocol that allows you to take out collateralized loans with no interest. You can use the USH you gain for whatever you feel necessary and the loans that are offered carry no interest.so we could essentially introduce it ob


Users of the platform have been informed of the possibility of earning $HDG and $ORCA the tokens of both the platforms available in Hedge’s stability pools and Orca whirlpools. Stability pools allow users to deposit UD and earn HDG in rewards. The Current API is a staggering 339.10%, there are also two whirlpools offered by ORCA where users that invest in USF/USDC and HDG/USDC have current APYs of 1440% and 5996% respectively.

HDG is a Hedge native token, the current supply of the token is only 10 million and $USH would be the soft-pegged stablecoin. in order to get $USH simply deposit SOl tokens into the vault on Hedge. The USH can then be deposited into a stability pool earning HDG and SOl tokens, keep in mind that SOL is earned when the other vaults are liquidated. You may also stake HDG in their staking pool to earn Hedge protocol fees in USH and SOL.



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