Google And Tezos Join Forces To Bring New Web3 Offering

Google and Tezos join forces

Google Cloud and Tezos Foundation have joined forces to develop Web3 technology and offer new services for Google Cloud customers. Tezos is an open-source proof-of-stake blockchain that has over 2.3 million funded accounts across 158.6 million total transactions, and has partnered with brands such as Manchester United, McLaren and Société Générale to develop blockchain-based applications. Through this partnership, Google Cloud customers will be able to become Tezos “bakers” or network validators, which will help run the protocol and receive rewards. Google Cloud will also become a baker and join existing bakers such as gaming company Ubisoft.

According to Mason Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer at Tezos Foundation, the partnership will allow for the onboarding of institutions and even more massive institutions into the Web3 space, acting as “jet fuel and octane for that”. This, in turn, will lower the barrier to entry for developers to build on the Tezos blockchain. James Tromans, Engineering Director for Web3 at Google Cloud, added that developers and enterprises are looking for enhanced developer tooling and infrastructure that can help accelerate their product timelines.

Blockchain Node Engine On Ethereum

Google Cloud is also trying to address this issue through its Blockchain Node Engine on Ethereum, a dedicated node service that leverages Google Cloud for blockchain-based application development. The service allows companies, both large and small, to read and write on-chain and deploy blockchain-based applications. In addition, Google Cloud hosts several public BigQuery datasets on its Marketplace, including full blockchain transaction history for networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Theta, Hedera Hashgraph, Band Protocol, Polygon, XRP and Dogecoin.

New Opportunities

The corporate baking program, offered by Tezos and Google Cloud, will enable new and existing Google Cloud customers to build Web3 applications, deploy nodes and indexers on Tezos’ protocol, and leverage Tezos blockchain technology alongside Google Cloud’s infrastructure. This means that startups in the Web3 ecosystem can access mentorship and ways to reduce their infrastructure costs.

Google Cloud plans to continue partnering with “key players in the Web3 ecosystem” to keep growing innovation for open-source technologies, according to Tromans. Google Cloud also plans to focus this year on “the core principles at the base layer of blockchain technology”, building products that address those needs. In general, the partnership between Google Cloud and Tezos Foundation is a positive development for the Web3 ecosystem, which has been expanding rapidly in recent years. The collaboration will likely bring about more opportunities for developers and enterprises to access the benefits of blockchain technology.

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