Glow Wallet

Will this be the new wallet to
take Phantom’s crown?

Since Solana has gained steam many users have wanted for a wallet that allows them ease of use and security. With the introduction of the iOS version of Solana favorite Phantom many were excited and hopeful for a future of trading, selling, and collecting on their mobile devices. Unfortunately with the current perfomance of Phantom on iOS being less than agreeable many are looking for new wallets that can bring them the satisfaction that they look for.

Currently a new wallet has come with the tagline “Your new favorite wallet”, this would be the Glow wallet that is available right now for iOS , Chrome, Firefox and more.



The glow wallet allows you to do the same things you may do with the Phantom wallet but with an added extra bonus that is called “Bug Bounty.” With “Bug Bounty” you can earn rewards by helping improve the safety and security of the wallet. You may be wondering how it is done, and the process is all quite simple: If you see a bug or notice something off you can report it to the team for a reward. The reward system is in place for the iOS app, the Safari extension and soon the Chrome extension as well. The team will decide on the reward and any public disclosure of the bug will disqualify you from earning on that report. As it stands the reward system is only eligible for those that report on a bug that leads to leaking of top security info ,such as a recovery phrase or secret key, or a bug that locks the user out completely. The system will have multiple rewards with some of those rewards possibly being up to $250k, also the report must be well-written or you may not get your reward either.

Another awesome feature was just previewed on the glow twitter where users can burn unknown tokens for SOL. Many users end up getting tokens or NFT that don’t make any sense airdropped into their wallets that could potentially be damaging,this option provides a way to not only keep your wallet safe but to earn a little it of SOL in the process.



Crypto wallets are unique and valuable tools in trading , selling, and collecting. A wallet that truly can take care of the needs of the user is one that will ultimately rule the blockchain it is designed for. Phantom currently has many users jaded and thus has left the door open for other wallets such as Glow to come out and challenge their dominion.

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