Move for your money

There have been a few apps that offer users the ability to make money while exercising. I have an app on my iPhone with the name Sweatcoin that pays me in points for all the exercise I do ( spoiler, lately it isn’t much.) In the decentralized space, there is a new contender for the pay-to-exercise crown. That new contender is Genopets.

The premise is easy you have control of a pokemon-like avatar — a familiar that you grow from an egg. You have health and exercise goals that you must meet in order to help your familiar grow and evolve. The idea is “as you evolve- it evolves.” Why would you need your familiar to evolve you may ask? The answer is a simple Play-to-earn one. The user earns $KI tokens to use in battle, craft valuable items, and upgrade your Genopet’s style and performance. This translates to mean that the more exercise you do, the more goals you meet, the more KI you can earn to help evolve your familiar and create a formidable fighter.



The familiar is then used for battles that result in the winner taking spoils from their opponents, thus making the familiar stronger and in essence worth more. At the time of this writing, it is not sure if the familiar is able to be sold like Axie Infinity beasts but one could only assume that could be an idea.

The premise is quite interesting, as the other apps do not have a game associated with them. Pokemon-styled games are indeed always a welcome addition to the gaming market, as can clearly be seen with the amazing growth of Axie Infinity.

With the introduction of Play-to-Earn, many projects are open to new and amazing ways to monetize activities in various entertaining ways. This project is the first exercising Dapp that aims to add elements of an MMORPG, Action game, and exercise app all into one. The ability to join the whitelist is still available via the website and Twitter.

This project, unfortunately, at the moment, will not be available in the United States or other prohibited regions.

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