Former President Donald Trump’s 45,000-Piece NFT Series: “A ClusterF***”


•On Thursday, former U.S. President Donald Trump released a 45,000-piece series of $99-apiece NFTs following long-awaited hints that a “major announcement” would be forthcoming.

• The NFT “trading cards” feature digital renderings of Trump in various kitschy getups, including cowboy dusters and astronaut suits, which Trump described as “scenes pertaining to my life” in a promotional video.

• According to the website, the proceeds from the launch — already “sold out!” — will “have nothing to do” with financing the Trump campaign. They are but humble collectors’ items, he tells us, a “great Christmas gift” that will enter buyers into a raffle for a number of prizes, including dinner with Trump, a Zoom call with Trump, or even autographed memorabilia.

• It’s all run by an obscure crypto company called NFT INT LLC that paid Trump for the branding and is at the center of a typically opaque web of shell companies…and there are already suggestions he stole the artwork! Even MAGA Republicans have already gone on record saying they would never buy them suggesting great

Donald being Donald

Donald Trump made a much-anticipated move this Thursday when he released a 45,000-piece series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for $99 each. NFTs were created as crypto tokens that are unique and offer digital ownership of digital assets with the ability to resell them on the primary market. While still an emerging technology, these tokens have already become popular among art collectors, music enthusiasts, and athletes who want to certify their purchases with an added layer of legitimacy. As one of the most famous people in the world, it’s no surprise that Donald Trump has chosen to take advantage of this relatively new technology in order to monetize his personal assets. It will be interesting to see what impact his new venture will have on both the world of NFTs and his own legacy.

Overview of the NFTs

The launch of this 45,000-piece NFT series was announced by an LLC based in Miami called NFT INT LLC. According to the company, proceeds from the launch “have nothing to do” with financing Trump’s campaign or associated Super PACs. But that hasn’t stopped critics from questioning if artwork used for the series was stolen from other creators. In addition, MAGA Republicans were quick to speak out against Trump’s decision to release these NFTs.

These unique trading cards feature animations of Donald Trump living out the roles of some well-known and less conventional characters. When talking about them in a promotional video, Trump mentioned how the digital renderings displayed scenes specific to his life. The digital “trading cards” have a kitschy quality as they show President Trump dressed as an astronaut, cowboy, and other interesting costumes that represent his journey as a presidential candidate. It’s an unexpected way to explore his life while also making headlines — after all, where else can one find NFT trading cards featuring the President of the United States?

Analysis of the Move by Former President Donald Trump and its Potential Impact on Consumers and Critics Alike

The release of the highly anticipated collectors’ items featuring the re-election campaign of President Donald Trump has excited fans and supporters not only due to its unique concept but also because of the potential rewards that can be earned. While a portion of the proceeds from this launch will have nothing to do with financing the Trump campaign, prospects range from dinner with our current president to a Zoom call or even Memorable Merchandise — all perfect for Christmas gifts this season for those looking for something special. This launch has already sold out, proving to be an incredible success and a testament to the dedication and engagement of some of his most dedicated followers.

The website claims that the NFTs are sold out and will have nothing to do with financing a Trump re-election campaign. Ultimately, this move by former president Donald Trump raises many questions about consumer buying power and decisions related to these pieces. While some may be interested in collecting them for nostalgic reasons or potential monetary gains, others have been vocal about their criticism of this venture — even among MAGA Republicans who traditionally supported his policies during his time as president.

It remains to be seen what kind of impact this will have on consumers and critics alike in the long run. It is best to keep in mind Trump has stated that he is very against crypto but has decided to do this NFT project. In 2019 trump went on Twitter saying “ I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are not money “ and he also called Bitcoin “a scam…competing against the dollar” in 2021.

Deep Dive reveals some shady biz

Many conservative Republicans have expressed outrage after learning about the true origin of President Trump’s new ‘Official 45th Presidential Commemorative Portraits’. It turns out, the official transaction for the artwork was run by an obscure crypto company, NFT INT LLC. Not only that, there are already claims that President Trump stole the artwork from its original artist. Even those who typically align with MAGA ideals have denounced these portraits, damning them as something they would never purchase.

Crypto analyst Eric Wall took a deep dive in order to access his coveted NFT card, a unique 8-bit rendering of Trump being rained on by gold bars. What was supposed to be an exciting purchase quickly became a confounding maze of small print and seeming contradictions — it appeared to have been devoid of the perks originally advertised when Wall won this item.

After some bemused wrangling, he eventually uncovered that the promised chance at a “dinner with Trump” was actually referred to as a “gala dinner,” and the 20-minute Zoom call with Trump was referred to as a “group Zoom call.” Even then, Wall had to delve even further into the small print where it stated that winning is only accepted after validation and eligibility verification, emphasizing once again that screenshots are not proof of winning. All this said and done, however, Wall noted that the experience has opened up his eyes to how much more there is beneath the surface when it comes to NFTs.

There were other crypto detectives that did some work and discovered that the launch address had pre-minted a large amount of the rarest NFTs in the collection. Many had stated that this was very “On brand” for trump. The launch process was a complete clusterfluck as buyers began complaining about onerous checkout experiences and NFTs that were sent to a newly created wallet, different from the primary wallet of the buyer.

A Final Word on the Future of Crypto Trading Cards Featuring Donald J. Trump

It’s clear that this move by Donald J. Trump has sparked much debate amongst his supporters and opponents alike — and only time will tell how successful these crypto trading cards will be both financially and politically speaking. Regardless of your opinion on him or his policies while in office, one thing is sure: these crypto trading cards featuring President Donald J. Trump are sure to make waves across all industries affected by cryptocurrency technology moving forward.

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